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Many people are, however, still wondering: What is the meaning of the song and what message is the video trying to convey? This article examines the occult symbols used in Alejandro in order to Conquistador online game its underlying message.

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Alejandro song meanings. Add Your Thoughts Comments. She then wraps men around her finger with her innocent act She's got a halo round her finger, around you.

According to her Wikithe song also represents GaGa's fear of commitment to the point where she cannot even remember the name of her lover exemplified in the multiple changing of names; "Alejandro," "Fernando," "Roberto". Additionally, the line "Mexico, rejoice!

Inverted cross

So, basically, the song is about being promiscuous Liverpool massage parlour l1 garnering as much money as possible, then realizing how wrong it is: "I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me; but I just can't be with you like this anymore I know plenty of people like that, lol.

PatrickFury on November 27, Link. There was an error.

Hm I never thought about the different names being Alejandro lady gaga meaning to forgetfulness. However, I really like that interpretation. Then maybe the boyfriend like a dad thing could mean like a "sugar daddy" giving her money. Cindyloulou on May 05, The verses of the song describe men Wife swapping in Palermo CA fall in love with a woman who acts like she loves the man when they give her money or gifts — she creates the illusion Using heroin while on methadone love, but she doesn't love those men.

The chorus is about the period of time immediately after sex when she doesn't want any more attention or physical contact from the man that she is with. She has "gotten enough" from him; now, and she wants to move on to another man and Alejandro lady gaga meaning Alejandro — just like she ignores Roberto and Fernando — and she wants him to be complacent and not pursue her. WayTooSerious on June 21, General Comment She's in love with a man, who's in love with another man, but she's leaving them and their screwed up ways behind. She doesn't want to be controlled by her emotions for Alejandro.

She doesn't want Alejandro who wants Fernando, who reminds her of Roberto her ex before Alejandro.

Either that, or her current boyfriend Alejandro reminds her of her ex, Fernando. So, she's leaving the memories current and old, Alejandro and Fernando behind. As for Christianity online dating Who the fuck is he, and where does he come in?

She's saying goodbye to all her past lovers.

It's symbolic to her moving on. Italianchicxox02 on December 09, I'm sure they aren't gay.

I think the song is about three captors of hers. Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto. She originally fell for one of them, but she's trapped by the three of them. She's fed up.

She doesn't want to do anything for them after the way she's been treated by them. She's being kept prisoner almost in this trifecta relationship with Alejandro being the main cause. Alejandro, just let Woman seeking casual sex Cross Anchor go". She wants to leave but she can't. In the end, she ends up having to kill the three of them to leave. She says even though she loves them, or has loved them at one point, she will not be treated this way.

Hot like mexico, rejoice.

The choice to break free from them or to submit to them. She has nothing to lose if she tries to break free, she's already in the worst situation possible.

In the second verse, she explains why she hasn't done anything up to this point to fight this. But now, she's realized everything about this situation. She must kill them.

But the most important part is the first verse where she mentions that she hides Getting serious in a relationship love in her pocket. She hides it from them so she won't get hurt anymore and they can't even try to hurt it.

When she talks about the halo. It's about her innocence and the power of that innocence.

She can manipulate them if done correctly to lure them into a defenseless position and strike. She has more power than she realized she had. Anyways, i know its a very different way of looking at the song. But it has to do with Sexy married man with a very bored South Portland of commitment, fear in others, fear of the future which goes along with The Fame Monster which is all about the dark side of fame and the fears that are attached.

Ahhhh, that is ridiculous.

What does alejandro mean?

Maybexmae on May 23, No no no, she is a whore who Dating site for 40 and older currently having sex with 3 guys. That's why she says I'm not your babe. She's saying I'm not your babe I'm your sex buddy. It's not real love. I also think she is symbolizing pirnstars who do guys three at a time: they are not broken, just given up. They smoke a lot to.

She has both hands also means she has both hands Top seeks hosting Mitchellville two weaners. She won't look at u cuz she doesn't love u, she is getting paid to do it.

The whole song is about how she wants out of porn and. Oh you're pretty accurate actually She recently said in an interview that this song was about the " She is saying; he told her not to call him his real name, but, these 3 names. Alejandro - meaning; defender! Fernando - Meaning; intelligent! Raberto Sexy women sex with men Meaning; fame!

Hope this makes sense Alejandro lady gaga meaning helps. She is saying; he told her not to call him by his real name, but, to use the 3 given in the words. Fernando - meaning; intelligent! Roberto - meaning; fame!

She is in love with her defender, whom is intelligent, and has fame. HenceFame Monster.

Becoming a god

But, his real identity must stay between the 2 of them. To me, revovichfan12's theory is most logical. Shelby2Day on June 12, What do you mean "and their screwed up ways"? GaGa is not homophobic. I like your first idea, it makes sense and ties all the names together CallMyName on August 10, At a Mr play it safe glance, it Alejandro lady gaga meaning as if it is a simple song saying that she is fed up with the recent men she's been with and wants to move on.

That very well could be what the song is about; however, the music video makes me think it means something much deeper and has a hidden message. All the male dancers do look very gay in the song and Gaga certainly isn't wanting to get away from them. If she was trying to get away the she wouldn't be stripping in front of them and letting them handle her like she does.

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Then dating site are tons of random religious objects and themes in the video which have nothing to do with getting away from the guys. It would mean that she is throwing her religious life away, wanting nothing to do with God, and moving forward by being as rebellious and worldly as she can. Either that or Gaga just made Absolute and relative dating ppt very weird, random, crazy music video that had little to do with the lyrics she is singing, which I wouldn't doubt, either.

I kind of agree with alienator.