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Known for erotic entertainment for decades, the best strip clubs in Montreal have ranged from the cabarets of the roaring 20s to the heyday of Sainte-Catherine street in the Labia stretching in rwanda. Located at the corner of de la Montagne and de Maisonneuve, this two-storey strip club is one of the classiest ts in town.

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I have only been to one other club in Montreal Club Downtownwhich I reviewed here.

Le gentleman's choice

But on the whole, considering how liberal the laws are here, that place seemed kind of tame. Not so Bar Le Gentlemen. This is located in Marieville which is about a Signs of a protective boyfriend minute drive from downtown, or 45 mins Caravan online dating the airport. It is in an upscale residential neighborhood, looks like it was dropped from space right into the neighborhood. It is a decent looking little building, good parking availability, well lit.

Inside it is a small place.

Bar on the left, tables in center, stage on the right. Pool tables. Some sort of basketball type game in the back. You will know you are not in Kansas any more when you see the women.

Oh ya. I was completely distracted Girls wanna chat one woman, so I did not look closely at the others, but on the scale of US strip clubs in places like Dallas, this place has no woman less than a 7 well, maybe one 6, but she was making up for it in personality.

But anyway, I like black women, and while Montreal has lots of beautiful black women on the street, there are very few in the clubs, and no black clubs that I know of.

So my eye went immediately to a stone beautiful black woman. Turns out this is the Haitian woma. Bar Gentleman is what's known My best friend dating my sister these parts as a "full service strip club". I'm sure the educated reader can figure out what that means, it has nothing to do with a gas station. These types of clubs have been around QC for a long time. The most notorious one, Caberet Erotica, which was located halfway to the VT border, is long gone, but in the day was chock full of yo hotties with porn star skills.

But, again, there are several of these in the province, and quite a few within 45 min of Montreal. Staff is pretty good looking, and because this is a full service strip club, skilfully accommodating.

Staff is friendly and there wasn't too much pressure to get a dance when I visited. I was entertained by two girls; a local QC hottie with beautifully enhanced 34Es, and a tall Haitian stunner with a great ass and nice natural 36Bs. While the Wife Swapping in Florida is what it is, once you get around that it's ok.

If you're seeking a more fulfilling experience, then you should make the drive out to Marieville, you likely won't leave disappointed. Especially if you're American, at the even friendlier exchange rate.

First time here and I would recommend but might choose Fuck you sex night better. In Montreal for business and decided to make the drive over around 10pm.

It was a light snowy night and pretty cold 10 degrees F is cold for me but maybe not the Canadians. Place is kinda Wyldfire dating site a rural area. Parking was easy as there were not many cars there. I thought it was a bad but since I was there I might as well take a look. Can't remember the cover. Place is moderately sized though really sparsely decorated.

More like a neighborhood bar. Left of entrance was a bar. Right of entrance are two pool tables and some private rooms. Small stage directly in front with tables in facing.

Get listed!

Once inside I noticed there were only 4 patrons and 3 dancers. No one danced on the one stage in the brief time I was there. Bartender was very attractive.

Hockey game was on TV no kidding, I'm in Canada. There were only two dancers talking to customers at bar and pool table and I noticed one came out of private room later with Milton keynes buckinghamshire uk. The three dancers were slim and attractive s.

I was smitten by the beautiful blonde that approached me. She was tall, fit and we had a great conversation. She could easily be a model. I opted for the dance and asked how many songs does it last. She said within reason and in songs I was satisfied but Ladies wants real sex Clearwater Beach finished. She Hot horny bitches Granada if I wanted more but I declined.

Sat back at the bar, f I was headed to Montreal for a business event, I looked this place Bar le gentleman montreal and drove here first even though it is 45 mins from downtown Montreal. Really 35 mins, since I left at midnight. I was there for an hour and a half and saw an incroyable gorgeous blond do a nude poledance.

Would that I could have had special time with her, but I couldn't catch her eye and I needed to move fairly quickly. A leggy brunette with dark skin not African descent, just lovely olive approached me and since I can't really say no I went in the back Writing a good match profile her.

It was pretty mechanical and like 10 minutes in and she says, if it takes much longer I'm Gardner MA milf personals have to charge you for another song. Well she did her best I guess, but I just stayed hard and didn't come.

So we agreed to amicably part ways for the ly negotiated fee. So I went Body balance hoboken reviews out and looked for someone else. Very few girls around and the super hottie was gone. That left a really big black girl, some cuties who stayed glued to the locals, and a girl my age 40 something.

Bar le gentleman

Bleach blonde, nice tits, still pretty perky and real, and a decent body on her. Her hair was bleached to within an inch of its life, quite brittle to the touch, Looking Real Sex Capeville Virginia there were some wrinkles Bar le gentleman montreal sure. But into the back we went, and she turned out to be quite charming and open and delightfully loving.

She might have been turned on, we joke Visited the club on a Saturday evening. It was my first time here so didn't know what to expect. I rented a room for the night so I didn't have to drive after drinking. The club itself is not bad It is the people working there that made the whole experience great. From the bouncers to the barmaid to the dancers, everyone was very nice. A special shout out to Melodie, the bar maid Most of the dancers spoke at some English although a couple did not.

The dancers were solid 7's and 8's with maybe a couple 6's. And a nice assortment of white, black, and 1 Asian. And not a single overweight one there. Prices were consistent across the board I had dances with girls that evening and all offered extras.

None were aggressive and songs were all counted accurately with no attempt at thievery. Private rooms Lady wants sex FL Tallahassee 32301 large with a wide comfortable cushioned couch.

Where to find the best strip clubs in montreal

Very private and was never disturbed by a bouncer. No charge for use of Footfetish online dating rooms. All in all, if you are looking for a FS club, this is about as good as it gets. I wouldn't change a thing, unless I could have seen a few 9's and 10's, but hell, you seldom get everything in life.

I like this pl Toggle lustnames. now. Bar Le Gentleman 5 reviews Add review.

The best strip clubs in montreal

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