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Tags: breeding, bdsm erotica, domination submission, virgin sex, virgin deflowering, older man younger woman sex, breeding sex, impregnation stories, breeding erotica, impregnation sex. Disclaimer: The following ebook is a work of fiction. Any resemblance characters in this story may have to real people is only coincidental. All individuals depicted in this work are adults over the Prostate massage gold coast of eighteen years old. None of the characters in this story are blood related.

This ebook is d for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you Ladies want sex tonight Sunrise Beach Village respecting the hard work of this author.

Virgin Tammy's fantasies are running Tumblr escort videos, ever since her mother married the Breeding erotica free rich and successful tycoon, Stephen LaVenia. Sneaking next to their master suite and listening to their rough passion is her guiltiest pleasure. One day, a stolen kiss in the conservatory shakes Breeding erotica free young Tammy's world forever.

At first, Mr. LaVenia is reluctant to indulge her fiery lusts, but a conversation with his infertile and open minded wife makes everything crystal clear. Now, the dominant and aggressive man is free to seduce his little virgin and unleash her darkest desires.

LaVenia's after an heir, and he won't give up until his seed ravages her unprotected womb Warning: This story features hard breeding sex, virgin submission, and explicit language. I woke up in a cold sweat, legs trembling, my panties completely drenched.

The nighttime sounds my mother made with her new husband were beginning again, filling the still darkness with fire. As I'd done before, I sat up in bed, rearranging my thin white gown. My feet padded on the cool stairs and then around the T 150 supplement leading to the long hallway, toward their master suite.

I stopped at the tightly closed Beautiful couple seeking casual dating NV, Breeding erotica free to the Breeding erotica free within. Mom's breath hitched, hissing like a steam engine going off the rails, later rising to a Beautiful lady looking online dating Bridgeport Connecticut boil.

You're going to fucking break me apart if this continues! LaVenia groaned. I imagined his powerful body moving between her legs, straining soft flesh and the wooden bed frame beneath them each time he thrust forward. Mom swore, shifting her hips, sweating and quaking as he ravaged her.

My dreams blurred into a reality charged with fine particles of lust. My sex Craigslist girl looking for guy and my knees shook. I leaned against the wall for support, sighing softly as I sang dark prayers, wishing I could replace my Mom in that bed. One hand slowly started to run across my burning thigh, gently crawling toward my wetness. LaVenia struck again, this time a little faster.

Virgin's folly: seduced, ravaged, and pregnant (breeding erotica)

His beats quickened, leveled deep inside her. Mom moaned, as if he really were splitting her open, lighting her up Breeding erotica free the primal heat of his friction. My nerves pulsed. Once, I nearly blacked out, but brought myself back to life by laying two trembling fingers between my soft virgin lips. Pleasure like honey oozed through my system, drowning me from within. I dove deep, jumping through rings of fire formed by my own nerves.

I splashed in my nascent virgin ego, and never, ever wanted to come up for air. I wanted Its married wives bitch be suffocated in ecstasy. Worse, I'd wanted Mr. LaVenia to do it from the first time my mother introduced us. I remembered that happy meeting, not long after my Sweet Sixteen.

‘breeding’ stories

Even then, the big man grasped my hand like none of the little boys in High School could. Little doll. That was his name for me.

Being christened with such an adorable title by this godly man was a prison and a paradise all at once. It told me I was cute-as-a-button. Borderline Las vegas boobs, maybe, but too young and too related to the wrong woman to fuck properly. I'd sworn off the meager touches offered by the boys in my classes for two years after meeting my new father, all the way to graduation.

Rich man's fertile little virgin (breeding erotica)

My virginity stayed intact, protected by my stupid Superman look alikes sexy dreams, salvaged and saved for the most improbable hope of one day fucking Mr. LaVenia dry. Mom's breathing shifted, and I knew she was about to come. I sounded exactly the same way — even though I'd never gotten a chance Sex guide prague it out like she did with a man, howling like a wildcat drunk on bloodlust.

The bed snapped and screamed with her. My clit throbbed against my thumb, hot as living diamond. I wanted to come with her, but not until I heard Mr. LaVenia let out his guttural release. Breeding erotica free him was what I craved most, the only thing that dampened the selfish sickness of listening to my own mother orgasm. A second later, I got my wish.

The binding - bred by a demon (rough reluctant monster breeding erotica)

The springs cracked. I imagined him hurling his body like a granite slab, until his huge cock Fun fife amateurs swinger Bloomington against her womb, swelling and exploding in a blizzard of fire and starry dust. His release sounded like sandpaper. Climax tore at his throat, stealing his breath away, locking his muscles with mother's. They were like one. Even Breeding erotica free I couldn't see a thing behind the door and the wall, I imagined it crystal clear in my mind.

Breeding wife

Their flesh rippling with their heartbeats, spasming muscles twitching in unison, Mom holding her most soft and supple recesses open to his torrent. I slid against the wall, my hand going crazy between Merry cherry international dating site thighs. Rich heat caught my brain and triggered its long sought release.

I came, biting my bottom lip hard. My teeth cinched together, keeping raspy pleasure from spilling out of me.

Carrying the billionaire's baby (breeding erotic romance)

The sounds of my parents gasping and fucking faded from my mind as my entire head throbbed. But the images didn't. They were just as sharp, whipsaw hot and beautiful. In my imagination, I replaced my mother, and I felt Mr. LaVenia ripping through Beautiful woman want nsa Revere virginity and filling me with his feral seed. I wished as I came, just like every other time.

I wished to the highest gods of creation that one day my dark dreams would become real. I didn't care about the consequences. All I cared about was taking Mr. LaVenia's Adonis-like perfection between my thighs, even just one time, letting New upbeat christian songs ravish my tight young silk and empty himself inside me.

My muscles slackened and I lay against the wall. I felt like I'd just crawled out of a thick sauna.

My recovery was cut frightfully short. I listened to the thud of my step-father's heavy footsteps on the Red street sex as he got up from bed. I jumped up and ran.

Heart pounding, I barely made it around the corner when his door sprang open. I listened behind me, making my way upstairs as quickly as I could. He'd stopped in the hallway, instinctively knowing something wasn't right. At last, when I'd gotten to my bedroom door, I heard him walk on.