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For Free online datinf Christians, Muslims, and Jews have lived together in Bulgaria. All of them are considered to be both by experts and by themselves autochthonous people of the country.

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Muslim countries are sending massive aid to Bulgaria. Fellow Kristen Ghodsee is examining whether Bulgaria's Muslims are simply attracted to the funding or whether the aid is cultivating a true Sex personals MA Florence 1060 revivalism. She also looks at the impact of aid on gender relations.

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Inwhile traveling through Spain, Kristen Ghodsee stared in disbelief at the television in the bus station in Barcelona as images appeared of Sex club orlando Berlin Wall crumbling. A year later, she backpacked through Eastern Europe to witness the unprecedented changes in the region. Bulgarian muslim girl these countries that held such promise soon suffered economic collapse, and Ghodsee wondered what went wrong. Since then, Ghodsee, an ethnographer who teaches gender and women's studies at Bowdoin College, has conducted extensive fieldwork during Online dating for farmers and ranchers trips to Bulgaria.

Currently, she is a Wilson Center fellow studying the effects of international aid on the Muslim community in southern Bulgaria. Some one million Muslims live in Bulgaria, comprising 12 percent of the population.

Islam in bulgaria

Should Bulgaria accede to the European Union, as expected byit would be the first EU country with a large, indigenous Muslim population. Aid from abroad has helped build new mosques in Bulgaria since the fall of communism. Foundations and charities, Heart logo free download from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf states, have funded Koranic schooling in Bulgaria, scholarships and lodging to study Islam abroad, and job training.

Meanwhile, Saudi organizations have spent millions of dollars to sponsor Bulgarian Muslims on pilgrimages to Mecca. These resources are particularly attractive in an impoverished country, but are Muslims embracing this Islamic revivalism or are they simply attracted to this infusion of funding?

This question lies at the crux of Ghodsee's research project. The influx of aid has caused conflict, increasing religious division between the secular and religious Muslims in Bulgaria while the shiny domes of new mosques symbolizing this aid are augmenting ethnic tensions between Christians and Muslims.

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For now, Ghodsee contends, Bulgaria's EU aspirations are keeping a lid on these tensions. Bulgaria's Muslim population is divided between the more populous, more secular Turkish Muslims and the Slavic Muslims, called Pomaks, who are geographically Bulgarian muslim girl, poor, and becoming increasingly religious. Some Pomaks are turning to Salafism, an insular and less tolerant form of Islam, in part to distinguish themselves from the Bulgarian Turks, said Ghodsee, Dallas oriental massage current research focuses on three predominantly Pomak cities in south-central Bulgaria.

In addition to ethnic and religious divisions, Ghodsee said foreign aid has affected gender relations, most visible in the growing of Muslim women wearing hecarves.

The balkan country has historically been characterized by the coexistence of christians, muslims and jews. a focus on the islamic presence in bulgaria

These women trade personal freedoms for the economic security promised by fundamental Islam. Conversely, she said, some moderate Muslim women consider that the work of Arab nongovernmental organizations endangers their traditional independence.

This generation of working-class, Housewives wants real sex Malvern Arkansas 72104 Muslim women are more likely to resist the religious influence that curtail women's rights despite their growing poverty.

But, said Ghodsee, "Older women and especially younger women under the age of 30 see a growing of opportunities for social mobility through closer connections with the Middle Eastern world, and are increasingly attracted to a more traditional version of their faith.

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