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I am picking Campy horror films who like whiplr

The s were an era filled to the brim with cultural cheese — almost as if the s came back, but entirely made of plastic. It was also the golden age of formulaic American slasher movies, so there was no shortage of Pomeranian blue merle puppies horror from which to choose.

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But there are also times when we want ridiculousness mixed in with the fright to help bring some levity to our viewing. The premise of this movie is based on a girl being cursed after evicting an elderly lady from her home, leaving her doomed to be the Rental home new orleans of a goat-footed demon called the Lamia. And the ending is the best part.

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In an attempt to steer the franchise away from Michael Myers, they made one of the most underrated horror films of all time.

In an attempt to outdo Friday the 13ththis film gave an unexpected and slightly offensive ending. What more could you ask for? When Vitamin C wasn't performing her single hit at every Eharmony gift card code ceremony ofshe was starring in this film. Channing Tatum's wife plays a mousey girl who suddenly becomes hot and homicidal. Way to pick 'em, Channing. Rob Campy horror films attempt at a grittier Halloween was basically a the drunken cousin of the film franchise.

Some horror films feature Janet Leigh or Drew Barrymore as the first kill. Some feature that girl from The Hills. All Rights Reserved. Hell Night. This film only proved The Exorcist was Linda Blair's best movie.

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Sleepaway Camp. April Fool's Day. This film should have won an Oscar April Fools!

The Blob. Starring Matt Dillon's less famous brother who went on to find fame in Entourage. There's nothing that boys love more than an undead prom queen. Freddy's Dead: The Dating site new delhi Nightmare.

Featuring a cameo by Tom and Roseanne Arnold Pet Sematary II. Bride of Chucky.

Campy horror movies

It was the highlight of Katherine Heigl's career. Idle Hands. The Rage: Carrie 2. Sissy Spacek should have Pierson MI cheating wives this sequel on fire with the rest of the gym. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Cherry Falls. Devil In the Flesh 2.

A young woman develops an obsession for her teacher Dracula Ginger Snaps. Emo girls are so obsessed with death until they're actually in danger of dying. Leprechaun In the Hood.

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No, this is not the leprechaun responsible for that viral news clip. A house haunted by Snoop Dogg must be one chill house. Jason X. How can we update this franchise? Send Jason into space! Woman surprised by big cock Survivors. Starring the queen of underrated film and television, Eliza Dushku. The Brotherhood.

‘shaun of the dead’ ()

Pledging a fraternity either means horrific hazing or homoerotic bonds Thir13en Ghosts. One of the ghosts would be that of Shannon Elizabeth's career. Denise Richards and Katherine Heigl in one movie?

Before we fell in love with Mila Kunis, she was coming for Patrick Bateman. Nine Lives. One of the lives is Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, Nicole Richie Kik for adults not another one of them.

Granting a teenage boy's wishes is always such a great idea. Freddy vs.

House of the Dead. Wrong Turn. Another case of Eliza Dushku owning the horror genre. Wes Craven and Christina Ricci are all the makings of Male strip club louisville cult success. House of Wax. Another prime example of Paris Hilton's acting chops.

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Kate Mara dukes it out with a teenage ghost girl. Black Christmas.

They don't make Christmas cards for this specific situation. Final Destination 3. It was a low budget but they spent most of it on fake blood. Stay Alive.

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Sophia Bush and Frankie Muniz apparently play video games together. I Know Who Killed Me. The question still remains: Who killed her career?

The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Apparently if your parents sell your soul to the devil, Catholic school is the best option. Halloween II. Jennifer's Body. There were enough witty one-liners to make Happy ending massage hk for Megan Fox's career.

Sorority Row. My Soul to Take. They're comes a time when you watch teen slasher flicks and start rooting for the killer. The Roommate. Tags: PopnographyMovieshalloween.