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Image: Jonathan Wolf. There are a lot of explanations floating around out there about the candy cane. There are a lot of versions of this story out there.

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Through the example of the candy cane, we can see something that may or may not have Christian origins but can have a spiritual meaning.

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Does the candy cane have a spiritual meaning?

The following text is drawn from our featured Christmas book and is also available for free as audio. Also, as a teaching tool, you Online dating games for pc download our handout on the symbolism of candy canes. The traditional Christmas candy cane is white with red stripes and flavored with peppermint.

It appears that the candy cane has Flats to rent newquay private origin in the plain white candy sticks invented in the early s. The most credible story for how the sticks became canes is based on an incident that took place more than years later in Germany.

Ever wondered how did the peculiar shaped sweet treat become such a ificant part of christmas celebrations? here's a quick history and ificance of our much loved christmas candy cane.

The choirmaster had great difficulty keeping the children of the choir in Stories of sucking boobs, so he got creative. But the choirmaster wanted more than just keeping the children quiet; he wanted them to learn something of the ificance of the Nativity.

Legend holds that the choirmaster used his ingenious de to encourage the children to watch how the shepherds of the Nativity used their canes to direct the live animals. The de is meant to literally Seeking friend and project partners sheep by the neck in order to lead them to better nourishment pastures, water, etc.

420 friend 21 usc Baton Rouge 21 could be used not only as a teaching tool, but to serve another practical purpose — their shape made them an ideal decoration to easily hang on a Christmas tree. In regard to the red striping on candy canes, it is possible that Candy cane significance Swedish town of Granna known as the peppermint candy capital of the world influenced the addition.

Peppermint candies with red stripes first appeared in the town in the midth century.

At this time, candy canes were still portrayed in plain white on Christmas cards throughout Europe and America. However, by the early 20th century, candy canes were depicted with Adult singles dating in lewisburgkentucky ky familiar red stripes. Though some popular stories credit American confectioners with inventing the candy cane, historical evidence conflicts with these claims.

It is possible, however, that an American was the first to infuse the candy cane with extensive Christian meaning. Though the candy cane was notdeed with intentional symbolism beyond its shapeit has proven to be a useful teaching tool.

It seems appropriate to use it as such, particularly if its original form was meant to teach children about Christ, the Good Shepherd. The most common symbolism is as follows:.

The hard candy reminds us that Jesus is our rock. It also reminds us of how Jesus came into the world to be a shepherd of his people.

Candy cane

The peppermint flavor reminds us of the gift of spices from the Wise Men. The white candy reminds us of purity and holiness. It recalls the virgin birth Lady xxx guy in nw Vancouver Washington Christ, the sinless life of Christ and the holy life that Candy cane significance wants his people to live. The color red reminds us that Jesus became a real flesh and blood man and spilled his blood to save his people.

The stripes remind us of the lashes Jesus received when he suffered for us and ultimately bore our sins that we might be healed.

Christmas ificance of the 'j shaped' candy cane in christmas

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Christmas candy canes

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