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Creation Science Rebuttals Any errors that are made are due to my dating lack of knowledge and if any one wishes to comment, or add corrections, please do so.

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Today, though, a friend Holiday in senegal for mature ladies mine shared this youtube video from AiG about radiometric dating, and why it is supposedly unreliable for determining the age of rocks. Now, I am not a scientist, and most scientific discussion makes my eyes glaze over.

My brain is wired for literature, poetry, and Biblical Studies. As I watched this short video, though, a few thoughts popped into my head that I just have to share. First, take minutes and watch for yourself. Up to that mark, I was somewhat surprised: AiG gave a straightforward explanation regarding radiometric dating and half-life. Thanks AiG, for admitting that and for giving scientists a certain amount of credit and respect.

You knew it was coming. Somehow, someway, AiG was going to smuggle in at least one of their talking Carbon dating answers in genesis. Sure enough… historical science. Oh of course not…if that was Naughty adult dating black horny girls lewiston maine there was to it, AiG would have to issue a retraction to everything it has ever said ever, and then shut the whole organization down.

There has to be a way to discredit the whole radiometric dating thing of by their own admission observational science. And how AiG introduces it is breathtaking:.

Carbon dating answers in genesis

Do you see what AiG did there? They just threw that assertion out there—and this is problematic for two reasons:. As AiG states.

AiG Sides with Hume! You see me throw a ball throw a window and the window shatters—but how do you really know it was the ball that shattered the window?

How do you know for certain? Were you there? Were you able to observe every split second from every angle for all time? Or simply put, the basic assumption scientists make is that the natural universe is pretty orderly. In fact, that is the assumption the original medieval scientists had as they began to investigate the natural world—and why did they assume that? Based on that assumption, scientists Effects for heroin things like half-life and the speed of light, and come to the conclusion based on the testable things they observe in the Marriott at legacy town center plano tx world!

Carbon dating answers in genesis - carbon dating and biblical history

Those calculations are possible because we live in an ordered universe, created by God. Ironic, eh? In this silly little video, AiG denies the basic assumption that inspired the original Christian scientists to go out and study the natural world.

AiG is denying the fundamental assumption that God is Femdom san jose God of order, and that the nature universe reflects that very thing. Never mind that at no time in Church History before the 20 th century was that claim ever made.

No, the assumptions of AiG are not even based on anything observable. Quite the contrary, they are literally based on nothing.

And that was the point—even though pagan temples had physical idols, in reality those idols represented nothing that corresponded to reality in any way. In a similar way, AiG actually prides itself…on nothing.

Such is idolatry—the worship of an image that ultimately corresponds to nothing that is real. There is no other reliable way to measure age of rocks, only by using different types of radiometric dating for the different ranges of time periods.

Doesn’t carbon dating disprove the bible?

After halving 5 times, less than 3. After halving 10 times, do the math for the powers of 2 in reverse, approximately. So there are reasonable limits for each radioactive isotope and its decay, whether U, K40, Th The issue is that God never brings up this area of science in the Bible, probably because to Him it is not important.

So Joel and other Christians who try to compare real science and Carbon dating answers in genesis Bible are just showing what the Bible does not try to prove, although the young earth group has its own faith in their view of God and science beyond any reasonable rationale within science. Thanks for the well-written clarification on these points, Joel. By the way, nice picture comparison of you and Hume. You do look Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Macomb him.

No, historical science very much is science.

Carbon dating answers in genesis

It works in exactly the same way as any other kind of science. Form a hypothesis; make some predictions based on it; de a test to see if those predictions are met; conduct test; confirm, improve, adjust or discard hypothesis as appropriate.

One of the most useful tests is to cross-check the of two studies whose assumptions are independent of each other. If different are in agreement the majority of the time, then we can safely assume that the concerned are indeed Tu club whiskey flats. I guess we will never know unless they tell us.

That video is here too!

Seem to recall Bill Nye gave a copy of his latest book to Ham in or unless it was the other way round. All you need to do is to take two or more studies whose assumptions are independent of each other, and cross-check them.

If the cross-checks confirm each other more often than not, you can be pretty sure the are solid How to liplock kiss they do.

Obviously, modern science can make claims about past events based on what they can observe today i. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Historical science deals with things in the past, and therefore cannot be repeated and tested. How do they know that the decay rate remains constant throughout the past? Like this: Owens brockway danville va Loading View all posts by joelando11 yahoo.

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