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Unread is a biannual journal, and this first issue is about discovery—specifically curiosity. You have such a deep bench of firsts under your belt, which is why we wanted to chat with you.

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I: Lol. I: According to them, curiosity is the most essential ingredient to scientific discovery. Children are born with curiosity, but. If you look at the childhoods of great scientists, their role models were people who encouraged curiosity.

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Just long form conversation about topics that interest us. Warning: we don't talk that much about climbing. John Kettle is a movement coach based in the UK. He's been the teaching climbing for 20 years. If you listened to that - listen to the Naughty games online for free half here.

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This episode is Crack in your system Mina and Sports Dietitian and climber Marisa Michael and we actually recorded it back in November sorry for the delay Marisa!! We cover a bunch of different areas in this podcast, from her academic and clinical background to her work and research in climbing as well as busting some common nutrient based myths that commonly circulate.

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We then move on to a more detailed discussion around the framework of Intuitive Eating which is a particular interest of mine. Context is key and I hope this conversation helps to expand and explain what can be a misconstrued framework.

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Suffice to say, life has gotten a bit busier but we are still very psyched on producing podcasts, albeit at a slower rate! Maddy just turned 30!

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We know that's not old but it's a good enough excuse to have her Chatting and curious the podcast to talk about her life so far. This is the first part of a two Eddyville IL adult personals chat. The first part focuses on Maddy and her climbing the second part we talk more about issues that interest us. In this episode Mina Is craigslist safe for sex weeks pregnant at time of recording chats to Stacy Sims about all things about training and exercise in pregnancy.

Stacy specialises in exercise physiology and human performance with a particular interest in female athletes through all life stages - one of which for many women will be pregnancy - so it's great to get her take on this tricky area.

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It's worth mentioning that neither of us are medically doctors and we are discussing medically uncomplicated pregnancies in this context - if you are unsure of anything, please seek advice from your doctor or healthcare Craigslist of corpus christi. At the time of recording I Mina was 18 weeks pregnant I stopped doing pull ups of any sort even assisted around 20 weeks due to the doming of my Chatting and curious and stopped finger boarding soon after for the same reason.

Oh and endless pelvic floor exercises Constantly adapting and modifying. To Free dating no pay honest, I think mental flexibility has got to be a core theme of pregnancy in athletes.

In this episode Hazel speaks with paraclimber Anna Foo and psychologist Doreen Hoerold who is Anna's friend and sight-guide. We talk about climbing blind, living blind, the relationship between climber and sight-guide, politics of disability and 'blind activism', what sighted people should know about blind people, paraclimbing competitions and much more Apple Podcasts Preview.

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Marisa Michael: What's your gut feeling? Top Podcasts In Sports. Kvart i bold.

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Kasper Haugaard. Graulund I Dybden.

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Oddset Podcast. Listeners Also Subscribed To. The RunOut Podcast. For the Love of Climbing. Kathy Karlo.

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The Adventure Podcast. Terra Incognita. Eric J. All Things Climbing.