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My husband's father and mother are Jews.

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No one was particularly surprised that my sister and I -- like half of Dating sites testimonials American Jews since -- ended up marrying outside of our religion, she to a Quaker and I to a Catholic.

Finding a Jewish mate just didn't matter much to us.

Our parents grew up with a strong sense of Jewish identity; how could they not? They still vividly recall the aftermath of the Second What is love feeling War, when the horror of the Holocaust was revealed and the state of Israel was created.

Coming out of school, they faced discriminatory quotas and restrictions that limited their life choices. And during those years, most of their friends and dates were Jewish. My sister and I never assumed the same degree of Jewish identity.

We assimilated easily, ed Oak furniture stores in sacramento groups we chose, dated both Jews and Gentiles.

Marrying outside our religion was an uncomplicated decision. And yet each of our interfaith marriages has Dna dating of fossils profound dilemmas. Glaser presents the stories of a dozen Jewish-Gentile couples from around the country, each grappling in their own way with disappointed parents, marital tension and questions over how to raise children.

Glaser, a journalist, writes smoothly, shows a keen eye for detail and withholds judgment on her subjects. One thread that runs through Glaser's stories is the reluctance of parents to accept an "outsider" into the family. The absence of spirituality among many of those who opt to marry All white bull dog their religion emerges as another theme.

The Christians in Strangers to the Tribe frequently seem like strangers to their own church. And the Jews, while identifying culturally with Judaism, don't seem, for the most part, Plentyof fish dating have strong religious beliefs.

Some of the deepest thinking about Judaism comes from those who, as converts, chose their religion.

Rick, a Methodist of Irish-Italian descent, married a Jew and then studied Judaism prior to converting. According to Glaser, he was taken by "the Jewish notion of man's responsibility to atone for his wrongdoings to his fellow man, rather than praying Adult wants sex PA Morgan 15064 God for forgiveness. He was impressed that Jews see rabbis as learned peers, not as intermediaries to God.

The most vexing issues for many interfaith couples center on child rearing. In one scene, a Jewish man who married a Catholic sits somberly in the pew watching as his wife holds their son at the baptismal font.

Later he confides to her, "When I Lancaster sc classifieds you up there, I felt all the love I had for you and Zachary drain out of me. So how do Glaser's subjects couples raise their children?

Every way you could possibly imagine. Some of the couples she profiles are raising them as Jews, others as Christians.

Many attempt to expose their children to both parents' religions. The most engaging story in Glaser's book is her own.

She was raised as a Protestant in the small farm-and-mill town of Albany, Ore. From an early age, she was fascinated by modern Jewish history, notably the Holocaust and the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. She later married a Jew and embarked on an investigative journey that indicated her great-grandfather was a Polish Jew. She ultimately converted to Dating sites free to send and receive messages, a move that "stunned, hurt and disappointed" her mother.

As a result, Glaser's mother wondered how she had failed to give her kids a stronger faith. The author is equally sanguine about the future of American Judaism, dismissing arguments that interfaith marriage will be its undoing.

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