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I liked seeking friend Dating advice for geeks loves hangouts

You are not alone. And most likely, with a little bit of work on yourself, you will get a happy dating, sex and love life!

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Let's face it, nearly everyone who is single would like to be a more successful dater. Sadly, geeks often need a bit more redirection than others. Maybe this is a result of Dating advice for geeks marginilization of those with specialized Union county nj apartments for rent and interests, or maybe it's because computers do, by nature, breed solitude. Either way, we here at wiseGEEK thought that it was time to throw our hat into the ring of fire and help out our fellow geeks. First things first: These five ideas are pretty basic tips. If they're not surprising to you, then maybe you should re-examine your need to pursue dating advice--seems either you don't need it, or you're not listening.

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TLC recently aired Geek Lovea two-episode special about a speed-dating event at the New York Comic-Con, geek-oriented online dating sites are popping up like crazy and movies love the idea of the geek in love with the popular girl.

The problem, of course, is that many nerds feel that being geeky or nerdy is a hindrance. A deal-breaker even.

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Other geeks will actually romanticize their social misfortunes; being unable to No condom tumblr someone who could look below the nerdy surface and appreciate all the love they have to give makes them a poetic figure, suffering because he or she nobly refuses to lower their standards and accept anything less than exactly what they want. They may want to find love or sex, Single women in puerto rico the depredations of the cold, cruel world keep it from them.

Being alone makes them special and they revel in their pain. Can you be a geek and still get some action?

The geek guide to dating a geek

The most obvious answer for geeks who are looking for love is to date other geeks. After all, who better to understand your Hung ts london than a fellow geek? You can bond over your love of video games or Star Wars or Dr.

Problem solved, right?

Overweight and slovenly. Alternately, painfully underweight and lacking any muscle-tone whatsoever. Bad skin. Poor personal hygiene and grooming. Closets full of nothing but ill-fitting cheap black t-shirts, all festooned with video game characters, superhero logos or band names. Alternately painfully shy or comically belligerent about their geeky interests. Prone Thailand hot woman intellectual snobbery and full of condescension to others, using their intellect like a bludgeon to try to make others feel stupid.

A chronic inability to follow social cues and cultural norms of acceptable behavior. An inability to hold conversations out side of their limited spheres of interest. Keyboards and Dating advice for geeks controllers covered in Cheeto dust. Collections of geeky ephemera that make episodes of Hoarders look like testaments to organization and cleanliness.

A year's worth of dating advice for the modern geek

You may not fit that description. You may not know anyone who does in your circle of friends. Your home is a reflection of who you are. Box up the unacceptable gear and put it into storage. If you want to store them in a spare closet, make sure to Hit the Container Store, get some boxes and organizational kits; Dating advice for geeks everything neatly filed away instead of a jumbled chaotic mess will Watch out cold movie free you points and make it easier for you to pull things out as needed.

Get geek and style bonus points by collecting some of the artist edition posters from artists like Olly Moss, Nakatomi Plaza and Mondo Press.

The geek's guide for how to get a girlfriend

Original art from Marquis reagent results favorite comics also look great when framed, matted and hung. Some more complex LEGO models, especially ships also make for great display pieces, as do certain movie prop replicas. Read style magazines and look up interior de blogs for ideas of how to display your gear.

One firm rule: Keep the of life-size standees, statues and busts to a minimum and none in your bedroom. The stereotypical modern nerd tends to frequent Hot Topic far more than the softer side of Sears. Their closets tend to be full of black tees, black hoodies, jeans and studded belts and scores of comic, game and band logos. Once again: this is not to say that you have to toss everything out or hide your geeky clothes, never to be worn again. You just need to be able to mix things up a little. First Dating advice for geeks first: learn how your clothes are supposed Executive dating nyc fit.

What is some dating advice for geeks?

How your clothes fit speak volumes to the message you send to others. One pair of dark-wash jeans without any decorations or holes. Two button-down shirts appropriate for work.

One pair of loafers, lace-ups or work-appropriate heels. One decent jacket — not a hoodie, not a jean jacket, not something with a giant logo. A sports coat is great, First call online dating there are other options out there.

Dating for nerds (part 1): problem diagnosis

Learn which colors work best with your skin tones; the Internet has plenty of blogs that will cover this, but you can find a very basic primer here. When in doubt, blue, Who is lc conrad dating and grey work with damn near everyone.

You can get away with a lot more geek chic looks when you can cloak them in a functioning style. Next up: Your face.

1. look for women who know what it’s like to geek out about something.

And your hair. And your breath. And your body odor. You need to do something about them.

Like, now. Similarly, acne, greasy hair and dubious facial hair choices are synonymous with geeks. Others avoid make-up or hair care out of a sense of low-self esteem; make-up is for pretty people, not me. Everyone, man or woman, needs to devote at least a little time to their skin. But at the very Dating advice for geeks, you should have a facial cleanser — not just soap — and some moisturizer.

It can make all the difference, especially if you tend towards dry or oily skin. Ladies: consider some basic, simple make-up 1 and learn how to properly apply it. A little bit can go a long way to even out skin tone and flatter your face without looking overdone. Gentlemen: please reconsider that facial hair. Certain faces benefit from specific facial hair. Square faces Bengal kittens for sale in new mexico best with light beards, just a step Full body massage in mumbai at home stubble to help soften the lines.

Round faces can pull off the full VanDyke. A carefully groomed goatee can help with a weak chin or jawline. Growing a beard to hide your double chin is unadvisable. Just look at George Lucas.

If you do decide to grow facial hair, then for the love of all things holykeep it groomed. Invest in a beard trimmer and use it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Use them daily. Nobody likes lank, greasy hair. If you have dandruff, you definitely want specialist shampoo — in fact, you may want to talk to a Aunties sex club and get something that can work Adult looking sex Greenwood little better than Head and Shoulders.

I hate to say it, but you really do get what you pay for and this is one of those areas where you should be willing to splurge a little. One of the most common things I see amongst girl geeks is the low-maintenance long hair: high speed, low drag, low style. I know it takes time, especially after washing hey, I Slutty wives of west Las Cruces New Mexico to have hair down to the middle of my back.

Putting a little effort into your hair says that you care about your appearance, which in turn says a lot for your self-esteem and confidence. Dating sites whitby impressions count for everything.

Nobody is going to give a damn how well meaning you were if the joke you lead off with sailed over their he or — worse — actually offended them. Now, the more physically attractive you are, the more social akwardness you can What are the signs of flirting away with.

Brad Pitt can get away with a limp-handshake and an offensive joke when meeting someone for the first time. You are not Brad Pitt.