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Back to Glass Encyclopedia Home. Mdina Glass was founded in the Maltese town of Mdinain by Michael Harrisa risky venture at the time as Mdina had no history of glass making.

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Michael's ideas were accepted in principle by the very rigid and staid hierarchy of the Royal College of Art R.

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Thank you for supporting the Board. s: [ 1 ] 2 3 Go Down. Author Topic: Mdina paper labels Read times. Apologies if this topic has been discussed before, it's just that recently I've noticed a subtle difference in the de of Mdina paper labels. Don't wish to send everyone to sleep by discussing this but Dating mdina glass are two main types of paper label which both have the same dimensions The earlier of the two labels is the second one seen below and to the left in the photo of the two labels together. The earlier label is based on Michael Harris's original de seen on 18 of Mark Poems about being silly book.

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Much thinner lines on the Maltese cross. The cross itself is set lower down in the castle tower and the words Mdina Glass are set much closer to the base of the Backpage houston female escorts than the later example.

The later label has a thicker more pronounced Maltese crossthe top of which extends much higher up in the tower. The words Mdina Glass are spaced further away from the base of the tower.

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This isn't just a print setting error. It's a subtle change in the de of the label. If you look at examples on ebay you can see many labels of the later de. The earlier label is always seen on early looking pieces with early looking atures.

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Anyway, it would be very useful to get the exact date when this label de change took place as it would help in dating Mdina glass in general. I have also seen paper labels of the earlier de with the word Malta added below Mdina Glass.

So there are probably more to be found but just to get the date on this change would be good. Thanks for Dating mdina glass and reading down this far Cheers Mike. Here's Singles in richmond ky ebay listing showing the label with the word Malta added The lettering is also larger. These things weren't based on digital files and digital printing in the same way as they are now you can't assume that one batch of labels was used up before another was started or that there was only one batch on the go.

I agree completely, Christine. Things were very random and hotch-potch, they just used what was to hand. Mdina was written on the base, sometimes. Items which Horney wives Lafayette Louisiana have been seconds or which hadn't been fully finished off, were sold anyway if the shop shelves were getting empty.

A label might be stuck on, but it also might not have been. It was very much Dating and romance matter of desperately trying to keep the shelves in the shop stocked.

They are valid points you are making Christine. I doubt that there would be different printers involvedthe paper labels are the same size so would have come from the same supplier. You can see variations in where the logo is set within the Rent flat winchester label on both des.

Mdina glass identification guide + gallery

The earlier of the two Dating mdina glass is seen in Mark Hill's book on and is described as ' A late 's - 's Mdina Glass paper label ' I haven't seen any earlier Mdina glass with the 'later' de of label attached as I have described above.

I have however seen lots of later Mdina glass with the later de of paper label attached. Cheers, Mike. Printers buy ready-made labels in; they only print Thai teen hookers them.

It's likely the labels all came from the same paper company, as they would have been imported but we don't know how many jobbing printers Malta had. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't take speculation as fact.

We don't truly know whether Mark's label description is fact or an educated guess. The label on the pwt in the ebay link with Malta underneath is a chevron pattern, which we know was not in production until the mid '70s. These are often accompanied on these black and silver bits with the long rectangular labels with s written on them in biro. Nothing much can really be told about dates from Online tamil girls chat.

Plastic ones are from the '90s! You won't find them on early bits.

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That's about it. The label with Malta written towards the base looks later than the first two I mentioned above. I do know about suppliers of paper labels to printers! All I am saying here is this Show me an early piece of Mdina glass with this later label attached I bet you can't find one. I might have to Dating sites minneapolis mn the house upside-down to look.

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I've never paid much attention to labels or marks, apart from looking out for Harris or Dobson scripts, or taking Free dating for life of the general style of the Mdina mark, if there. SadlyI think I'm a closet stamp collector I just Symptoms of pcp drug to add one final last observation I promise! These are only my observations! The reason I think the paper label on the link to the paperweight above is later than the two I started this thread with is this The thinner Maltese cross which is lower down again in the castle tower and the wording is back closer to the base of the tower plus there is the addition of the word Malta.

Dating mdina glass why the paperweight example looks close to the de of the plastic one introduced in the 's.

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