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I Dating university of waterloo for femme who like hush

Uwaterloo Dating Dating target variable : person has a girlfriend, or had one for at.

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The site, called the Aphrodite Project, helps connect people similar interests through an algorithm. Since launching last summer, the site has expanded to universities around Japanese dating application world.

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in. The University of Waterloo is well known for its lack of social life and difficulty of finding romantic relationships.

I made an app to estimate your probability of finding a girlfriend! The question f or this study is: what are the attributes that Cam sex chatrooms to correlate with having a girlfriend among male Waterloo students?

It is commonly assumed that having a Erotic dirty story paying job will make you more attractive. Physical characteristics like height and muscle may also play a role.

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We try to identify which attributes are the most predictive, and which are mere assumptions not supported by data. Off the top of my head, I came up with the following attributes:.

You might notice that some of these are quite subjective — what Is superman dating wonder woman a person as interesting? In these cases, I tried to as 1 to about half the population, and 0 to the other half. Yeah, if you expected a statistically rigorous study, you can stop reading now. To collect data, I tabulated every person I could think of and rated them either 1 or 0 in each of these attributes.

The three variables that are the most ificant are:.

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Muscular and confident guys are attractive, as expected. I was quite surprised by the large effect of glasses, and wondered if it was an indication of something else, like general nerdiness. So I looked for more careful studies and confirmed that indeed, the majority of people consider glasses to be unattractive for both genders.

Sorry, Daily dating site even if you go to Facebook in Menlo Park in 4A, you will still not have a girlfriend. Full of this experiment:.

Uw data scientist

Next, we examine the correlations between the variates; this can help identify incorrect model assumptions. Red means positive correlation, blue means negative correlation.

Before we go on, I should emphasize the demographics of my friend groups does not represent the general UW population. I either meet people in classes or at work wide variety of backgrounds Member hookup com all doing CSor through mutual friends lots of different majors but mostly East Asians that grew up in Canada. Any model trained on this data will reflect these biases.

Does using a dating app that prioritizes equity change how we date?

In the future, I might look into doing a wider survey to get more data. I trained a logistic regression GLM to predict girlfriend from all of the explanatory variates.

I deployed the model as a RStudio Shiny app here for you to play with. Get started. Open in app. UW Data Scientist.

in Get started. Get started Open in app. More From Medium. Piotr Zakrzewski. Women of STEM.

Learning to find a girlfriend at the university of waterloo by logistic regression

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