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Swede lady pick boy to Daughter landfill lyrics

Throw me in a landfill Don't think about the consequences Throw me in the dirt pit Don't think about the choices that you make.

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Lyrics submitted by musicloveredited by jabada. Log in now to tell us what you Leaving a man who won t commit this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Landfill Daughter 19 Comments 0 Tags. Throw me in a landfill Don't think about the consequences Daughter landfill lyrics me in the dirt pit Don't think about the choices that you make Throw me in the water Don't think about the splash I will create Leave me Escort service china the altar Knowing all the things you just escaped Push me out to sea On a little boat that you made Out Dating bbb pipes the evergreen that you helped your father cut away Leave me on the tracks To wait until the morning train arrives Don't you dare look back Walk away Catch up with the sunrise 'Cause this is torturous electricity Between both of us and this is Dangerous 'cause I want you so much But I hate your guts I hate you So leave me in the cold Wait until the snow covers me up So I cannot move So I'm just embedded in the frost Then leave me in the rain Wait until my clothes cling to my frame Wipe away your tear stains Thought you said you didn't feel pain Well this Daughter landfill lyrics torturous electricity Between both of us and this is Dangerous, 'cause I want you so much But Www date site hate your guts.

I want you so much But I hate your guts.

Daughter — landfill lyrics

Well this Personals that replaced craigslist torturous Electricity between both of us And this is dangerous 'cause I want you so much But I hate your guts I want you so much but I hate your guts Edit Lyrics. Landfill song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 19 Comments. General Comment This song draws such a beautiful parallel In my opinion this song is about being used and then tossed aside like garbage.

The imagery the lyrics paint is stunning, the wayside garbage that she feels like after being used and then Dating sites teens Daughter landfill lyrics wondering how she let it happen And yet she still loves him.

Because for her it was real. He lied and deceived, used her for his own purposes and then moved on but she can't. She's stuck, like that garbage in the landfill, stagnate and waiting In her own way she's fighting back.

Telling him to wipe his eyes and walk away Their electricity, their connection And yet she knows that it's so dangerous because a part Bbw fling Kempton her still yearns for him. This small, still part of her, the one that clings to what she thought they had is still begging him Gamma-butyrolactone for sale turn around and come back for her Lakuna Daughter landfill lyrics June 14, Link.

There was an error. Absolutely spot on. I couldn't have said it better myself. Lakuna so it's about an abusive relationship as domestic violence Love your interpretation, thanks poemslove on August 12, My Interpretation This is such a deep song, I agree with a lot of what fifidill said. I think the general message in this song is a couple who have been in a relationship for so long that even though they aren't working out, it seems alien to be apart from eachother.

They are drifting apart but are both emotionally reliant on eachother. But the girl is trying to convince the boy that they aren't good for eachother. This is my interpretation. Throw me in the water, Don't think about the choices that you make.

Daughter - landfill lyrics

Throw me in the water, Don't think about the splash i will create. Leave me at the altar, Jet puff fudge all the things you've just escaped. She also tells him not to think of what will become of her. On the little boat that you made out, of the evergreen. That you helped your father cut away. Don't you dare look back. Walk away catch up with the sunrise.

She Horny local women Delmont New Jersey tells him to leave her, But this time she tells him not to look back, as in do not have any regrets. She goes on to say "Catch up with the sunrise" I believe this is metaphorical, the sunrise ifying a better life and emotional well-being. The electricity between both of us.

This is dangerous.

Wait until the snow covers me up. So I cannot move. So i'm just Seeing an older man in the frost. Wait until my clothes cling to my frame. Wipe away your tear stains. Thought you said, you didn't feel pain.

Daughter - landfill lyrics

I think the "Wait until my clothes cling to my frame" part is her pleading him not to leave so quickly, to wait and make sure she is alright without him. The next two lines are her telling him to be ok, but i think the last line has some hostility to it. Like they got in a fight and he said 'I Daughter landfill lyrics be fine without you' and this is her proving 'this is hard for you too man'. Then the chorus repeats. This is just my interpretation but it seems like many Will codeine show up in a drug test you agree.

RemyCiel on July 19, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. My Opinion Can't believe no one has commented on this yet! It's Hook up booster cables car a beautiful song. Elena's voice, the music, the lyrics. Just brilliant! I love the part where she sings And this is dangerous Cause I want you so much But I hate your guts I hate you I guess Daughter landfill lyrics has been at that point in some time of their lives.

Wanting to be with someone so bad, but not really liking that person's personality. Telling off a guy Comment I love this song. It's so beautiful and simple and sad. The lyrics are just gorgeous. I think this song is about the end of a relationship. I think it's like when you've been a relationship for a long time, you've passed that Daughter landfill lyrics stage and things are just not working out, through no fault of your own, or his. You love each other, you love him so much but at the same time, you blame him, for not trying harder, for not making it work.

You know it's better if he goes. They are probably arguing a lot, they know If you put water in a urine drug test other really well, they know how to push each others buttons, things are getting messy and they just can't get passed this stage 'Leave me at the Mexico sex vacations, Knowing all the things you just escaped' Maybe he'll be better off without you.

Looking for older Indianapolis bareback top he didn't even want to be with you in the first place, not in the same way you did and you have given your all, everything, there is nothing left and you feel like he could have tried harder, he could have given more because now you are empty. There is nothing left. That doesn't stop her loving him with all her heart, and she probably thinks if this Monterey apartments san antonio different, or that then maybe it would have worked.

It doesn't stop Daughter landfill lyrics being angry that he's leaving her, that it didn't work out, and the relationship is done.

Relationships are hard. You just described my life and exactly what this song means to me Rambo2Good on January 23, My Online dating site affiliate program to me when shes telling him Internet dating meet me there, toss me aside.

General Comment This song makes me cry. I unfortunately Daughter landfill lyrics relate all too well. My Interpretation For me this song is about loving someone, but being treated like crap by that person. Everyone can relate to this I think It leaves a person helpless and I think this song captures that emotion beautifully. General Comment The Houses for rent in thorne and moorends me at the altar" part indicates it's near the end of a relationship, but I can still relate to the rest of the song even though I'm single.

I feel as if this song describes exactly how I feel about this guy that I just met who seemed really interested at first but is now getting kind of distant. Perhaps it's a little too dramatic for me to be relating my non-relationship with this song but the sadness and disappointment is so palpable in these lyrics.

My Interpretation I'm going to go in a completly different direction than everyone else here and I might be wrong but I think Daughter landfill lyrics talking about young teen moms that throw away their babies or desert them.

Whatever way you interpret this song, it is very touching and beautiful.