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Nicholas, like many users, says he was initially skeptical of I-Doser, the latest Internet craze that claims users can achieve altered states simply by downloading and listening to music. I-Dosing uses two separate binaural beats, or two repeating and alternating tones of slightly different frequencies, a different tone playing in each ear, that can reportedly alter brain waves.

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Forget the medical marijuana dispensaries popping up on every street corner in California and Colorado. There's a new drug in town: it's called Idozer. Simply put, i-dosing is the attempt to achieve a perceived drug "high" from listening specially-engineered sounds and music.

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Music is to teenagers and young Virgo dating scorpio man what the discipline of silence is said to be for spirituality. Adults are not even close from being excluded from the influence and powerful attraction of music, but when it comes to the younger crowd, music is almost vital.

As vital as it can be, music can also be harmful; particularly when teenagers and young people use it to produce effects in them similar to illegal drugs like marijuana or cocaine. That is exactly what a growing trend among kids consists of: listening to music to get high. If you are a concerned Examples best dating headlines and believe this article is just going to give unhealthy ideas to your child, perhaps you may be interested in knowing that I-dosing even has a Web site entirely dedicated to the topic.

After all, getting high with music is not illegal. At least not yet.

The site, called I-doser. The use of binaural waves is anything but new, but its use by teenagers to purportedly cause in them illegal drug-like Teen fucks man is considered a recent trend. So what exactly is I-dosing?

Basically, I-dosing consists in listening to music, mainly repetitive, tedious sounds or beats. A calm mood and atmosphere, a dim-lit room, silence and a quality set of stereo headphones supposedly maximize the effects.

Ecstasy produces pleasurable effects in users, like increased energy of self-confidence. Other Ecstasy effects generate feelings of acceptance or peacefulness. However, some YouTube videos show opposite effects when young people induce themselves into I-dosing.

Many of the YouTube videos about I-dosing claim the effects are similar to cannabis or cocaine. Several users of the super popular self-broadcasting site have ed from songs Murray ky singles self experiments to actual I-dosing sessions.

Other users mock and deny such effects. Also known as a digital and legal drug, I-dosing is similar to illegal drugs. How dangerous is I-dosing?

I-dosing is not really a drug. However, I- dozing music seems to cause at least a temporary altered state of mind. In any case, if parents feel they should seek professional help, they should do so without hesitation.

All rights reserved. Inicio Culture Getting high with music — Teenagers and the dangers of i-dosing. I-dosing is similar to illegal drugs.

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