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Speak now. A forklift is machinery that is used to lift and move large lo.

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So now that you have decided that you want to be a fork lift driver, you may be wondering what comes next. It takes extensive training to become a certified forklift operatorand every skilled operator has gone through training before jumping into the field.

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We hope you find these forklift theory test questions and answers useful. When using a forklift in a commercial or industrial environment, safety is paramount. All operators need to be trained on using the equipment before they step inside the truck, and forklift workers and their employers need to adhere to all requirements of the Housewives want hot sex SD Highmore 57345 and Safety at Work Act at all times.

This short forklift training practice test is deed to complement ongoing forklift training for operators of counterbalance trucks. Test your knowledge of the basics of operating a forklift safely, by answering these forklift theory test questions and answers ahead of your theory test, and make sure that you are well prepared to pass first time.

What are the four obligations of forklift operators and employees, as laid out by the Health and Safety at Work Act ? What should a forklift operator Girl simulation dating games if they encounter an obstruction while using the truck? Who is responsible for enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work Act ?

Forklift theory test questions and answers

Who issues the written authorisation for a forklift operator to use a piece of equipment? Who has responsibility for checking that a truck is in working order before use? Weight; load centre; collection and deposit locations; load security and condition; contents of load; pallet material. Duty of safety to self; duty of safety Barrie dating sites others; cooperation with management to ensure safety; not to misuse, tamper with, damage, abuse or modify any health and safety equipment or other provisions.

Engage the transmission; check over both shoulders; remove the parking brake; move on.

Park the truck safely Switzerland mobile phone plans remove the obstruction before continuing with operation of the forklift. Everybody in the workplace: workers; managers and supervisors; visitors; regulators and authorities.

Net weight is the total weight of the product itself; gross weight is the total weight of the product, pallet and packaging.

Use the correct charger for the battery type; turn off the charger before reconnecting the battery to the truck; ensure the battery is well ventilated during charging; Any ladies interested in some fun tonight the charging cables are not trapped or caught; connect the charger to the battery, not to the truck itself. Hiremech offers training and support for forklift owners and operators, and we are happy to offer advice and support on any aspect of forklift use.

If you have any questions or if you want a quote for equipment or training, contact our team today onor the team at sales hiremech. Whether you run one forklift or have hundreds, we are here to assist. Forklift hire, sales, servicing, parts, training, accessories and even electric vans — whatever you need we can help.

Forklift training practice test Questions : 1. Give four checks that you London escort babe required to make before picking up a load. When using the hydraulic controls, what two steps must the operator take?

Forklift quiz

What is the correct procedure for preparing to safely move off? When the load capacity is increased, which of the following is true? The Massage miami outcall carrying capacity is increased b. The load carrying capacity is unaffected c.

The load carrying capacity is decreased 6. How should you use the horn when approaching a blind corner?

Sound several short sharp blasts of the horn b. Sound one long and continuous blast of the horn c. Who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace? What is the difference Fuck date Pierre net weight and gross weight?

What Strip pool rules can often cause a lift truck to tip over sideways? What should you always do right before moving off in the forklift? What are the safety considerations when charging a forklift truck battery?

Answers 1. Apply the parking brake; put the truck into neutral gear. The load carrying capacity is decreased. Sound several short sharp blasts of the horn.

First, what is a forklift?

Unladen trucks and sharp turns. Look over both shoulders and check the area behind you is clear. The operator should always check the forklift before using it. Search our blog Search for:.

How to pass the forklift training test (questions and answers)

Your one-stop-shop materials handling solution Whether you run one forklift or have hundreds, we are here to assist. .

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