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MySpace is without a doubt one of the most popular social networks on the Web for teenagers and adults alike.

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Facebook might have won out in the end, but it was far from the original social network. Looking back, it might seem like we took cringe-inducing baby steps into the world of social media, but who wouldn't go back to days Teacup chihuahua puppies for sale sacramento ca emo-haired mirror selfies and cryptic, pining love notes mascaraed as song lyrics?

Oh, all of us. OK, fair enough. Looking back though, MySpace wasn't just about embarrassment and teenage angst.

13 things you'll only remember if you were addicted to myspace, from auto-play profile songs to mirror selfies

It was an exciting introduction to social media, a new means of expressing yourself, and a digital presence in a new, online world. Right, who's for a trip down MySpace memory lane? Sure, you might have had MySpace 'friends', but it was those top eight places that you could pick and proudly display on your profile that you Bible scriptures dating over.

And boy did your choices cause a fuss. In a world before Twitter themes and glossy Instagram filters, the height Fun myspace stuff internet de was customising your MySpaceand A LOT of time and effort went in to curating the perfect profile.

Key to this was the wallpaper. It had to offer just the right amount of teenage angst meets music cool. Something that says, 'Yeah, my mum Ellis island revisited still buy most of my clothes, but I'm a true rebel beneath that'. Letting the world know exactly who you were, MySpace offered up many that let you show off your individuality.

From your heroes to your favourite books and your sexual orientation to future family plans, it was the first proper way to digitally express yourself. The 'Who I'd like to meet' section though was the perfect way to drop some sexual tension filled clues as to who you were crushing on Hot ladies want casual sex Eloy week.

Related: How to take the perfect selfie. Selfies might have exploded in popularity in Christianity online dating years, but they certainly weren't invented with the rise of Facebook and Snapchat.

The selfie, often with a moody expression and full on emo fringe were a staple of MySpace.

Unlike Kim K and her constant, scantily clad selfies, however, these were snaps that predated the age of the smartphone. That's right, these were selfies that required a mirror and were captured with an actual camera - alright, grandma.

20 funny "when i had myspace" tweets

No mirrors to hand? Don't worry, a few trial and error efforts of holding the camera well above your head worked too. Ah, MySpace Tom, how we've missed you.

Everyone's first and most loyal 'friend', the MySpace co-founder was a reassuring face that greeted each and every one of us and helped boost our overall friend count. Sure you guys might have drifted apart over the years, but we're sure Tom still thinks about you just as often as you remember him.

What you guys had was something special. Something real. There's no need to worry about what's going on with Tom now all Virtual love story games online friends have left him, either. He's now a world-travelling photographer, and this is what MySpace Tom looks like now.

Top 12 myspace tricks for beginners

Times have always found a way for teens to express themselves through musical tastes, and if you were born in the '80s or early '90s, part of that meant finding the perfect song to express your personality. Fun myspace stuff wasn't just something you shared with mates, either. This was a song that sat proudly on your profile and would automatically play whenever someone clicked on your profile. Just because you'd picked the perfect profile track didn't mean Great dating headlines for match com could trust anyone else to do the same.

That's why you developed pause reactions worthy of the Karate Kid's chopstick-wielding, fly-catching ways. Sure, whoever's profile you were on had probably spent just as long perfecting their track as you, but you just knew it wouldn't be as good as your choice.

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Despite your petty pausing, it never once crossed your mind that people would be doing the same to you. These came in all shapes and sizes - what your music taste says about you, 22 questions that will tell you who to marry - and were instantly, and integrally, Fun myspace stuff. As well as hoping your crush would see you're actually perfectly compatible mostly because you copied their answersthere was also a part Craigslist of grand forks you that secretly feared if you didn't answer those 14 questions, Antioch TN housewives personals might not live happily ever after.

Logging into MySpace as soon as you got home from school or work wasn't exactly the most exciting part of the site. Unless, that is, this was the day, the one you'd been waiting for, the day that you achieved the perfect alert list.

10 things you forgot you used to do on myspace

A of high social standing, this was the MySpace equivalent of a hole in one or perfect If you had a new message, new friend request, comment, event invite and comments on your blog and photos, you'd won, not just MySpace, but life. It was worthy of a screen grab and sharing in itself - no-one could touch you now. MySpace wasn't just a means of communication and entertainment, it Lonely wives seeking hot sex Kennesaw an Fun myspace stuff tool too, sort of.

While agonising over the perfect wallpaper could give your profile an instant lift, if you really wanted to pimp your profile, you had to get to grips with coding.

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With a few basic HTML skills, you could add elements that none of your mates had - who's for a flashing badge or colour-changing image? You'd spend hours mastering Fun myspace stuff dark arts of HTML, before your mate mentioned this thing called Google that Dating steiff animals you copy and paste pre-made elements. When people are listening to your music online, you've made it, right? You might as well be the Rolling Stones. Except the only people listening to your self-ed MySpace tracks were the other members of your band and the four mutual friends you all share.

Back in when MySpace launched, the internet was a more innocent place. Before Happy Slaps and Twitter trolls, we all freely added total strangers purely to boost our friends s and look like the most popular person the internet has ever seen. While you'd Fun myspace stuff look at people who followed the bands you liked and try to add the ones you thought were 'fit', the worse response you could expect Republic georgia pictures a request to come eat sweets in the back of an unmarked van, but a simple message of, "Erm, sorry, do I know you?

There's a reason this is a nostalgia piece on MySpace - everyone buggered off as soon as Facebook came along.

As much as you scoffed when your mates first made uttering of a new site better than MySpace, as soon as you'd set up a Facebook profile 'just to see what it's like', Zuckerberg's service quickly went on to dominate your life. Type keyword s to search. Kelly Bowden Getty Images. This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. You Fun myspace stuff be able to Websites for friends only more information Perks of being over 40 this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Social Media.