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Colorado Sorings Cob. Love, who has devoted a the plant »side down These. Keb- quale during the sprung and that we have again an Room for a rent tract»« new business to Colo- plant to another, so get busv as ruary and March of this year summer but possibly short dur- mg economy.

The answer is simply that until now, only the most expensive hand-crafted furniture could embody the elegant features that naturally attract us all. No more. Now, we have found a furniture manufacturer that has adapted the most expensive furniture look and construction, to mass production techniques.

Here are extra-long decorator lengths; gorgeous fabrics; lofty, super-resilient cushions; self deck covers; pillow backs; deep tufted backs; frames that never wobble. Here, truly are the finest sofa values that we have ever Mature nsa fwb

We urge you to see them. Than any other store in the -egion on your TV set, stereophonic, range, refrigerator, washer, dryer or your furniture on the purchase of any Philco product or new furniture. That Aquarius man gemini woman title is sought after with enthusiastic and sometimes ferocious rivalry by a host of self-appointed champions of the underdog and rebels for a cause.

Curiously, sooner or later the hostility of most of these self- appointed defenders of human rights is turned on the only men and the only organization on the job twenty-four hours a day. The fact is that we have police to Looking for friends in the innocent, peaceful, law-abiding citizen If this can only be done by putting certain disturbers of the peace in jail, then this is done The police in a free country are the true defenders Gazette telegraph colorado springs jobs human rights, because Dating for seniors over 60 rights begin with the right to be let alone so long as you have injured no one else.

Because of the presence of a competent police force, you as a good citizen do not have to stand guard constantly over your life, liberty and property hke a rancher in the Old West.

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You can live and enjoy life m safety. The cr.

Under the most-favored-nation is entitled to the lowest tariff the United States has granted any particular country. Without this benefit, tariffs can be two to three times higher.

Administration officials said the act would give the Pres. East Germany was specifically exempted as it is Black medical professionals recognized as a state but is regarded as the Soviet occupation zone of Germany.

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Only Poland and Yugoslavia among the Communist countries are now eligible for the special benefits. Use it right aeay. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next.

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