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South chica found Girls in staten island especially for slappers

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By Gina Martinez For Dailymail. A Staten Island man was found dead in his home with the disturbing message 'I touch little girls' written across his chest as well as several other injuries. Police discovered year-old Robert Raynor in the first floor hallway of a multi-family home in Tompkinsville on Monday morning. The New York Post reported that Raynor had 'I touch little girls' written across his chest in black ink as well as 'I Girls in staten island dolls in my room for girls age ' on his stomach. Police discovered Love letter to your husband Robert Raynor in the first floor hallway of a multi-family home in Tompkinsville pictured on Monday morning. The words 'I touch' were written on his right foot, the Post reported.

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Top definition. Staten Island Girl.

Ahh the " staten island girl " what most describe as a rich, trashy, overly-make-up'ed, tight-pants wearing, coach bag carrying girl with an obnoxiouss accent etc I will not claim that this breed of miserable-ness does not exist on this island because sadly it does i would like to point out that there are girls, mostly residing on the North Shore, that detest this stereotype.

We are few but we do exist. Jul 21 Looking to hangout today or evening of the Day. Winnie the Pooh's equivalent of " Mother fucking shit". Piglet: Oh no!

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Tigger's bounced all over the vegetable garden and ruined the carrots! Winnie the Pooh: Oh bother! This Staten Island Girl might also be seen with the Guido boyfriend. They can be located in "The Mall" parking lot on a Saturday morning. Co-Worker: Woman in brazil do you like living in Staten Island?

Me: The city sends me a Coach bag everytime I hit one of them down. A girl from Staten Island. If the specimen is found around the South Shore of the island she is likely to have bad tans, gaudy style and that ature accent.

Police: body discovered on staten island with ‘i touch little girls’ written on chest

Though not likely Girls in staten island have a fake tan and rather than gaudy style, has mad style, her accent still possesses a unique twang. For all the good and Girls get what they want that can be said about these girls, don't fuck with one if you don't want your ass handed to you. They smoke mad blunts.

Staten Island Girls are known to be fearless with reckless abandon when confronted negatively or just having to lay shit down. Treat one right and she will stick by you through thick and thin, cause that's the way her daddy raised her- or maybe not, just don't fuck with them, you'll get your ass handed to you.

Staten island man found dead with words 'i touch little girls' written across his chest

Staten Island Girl monologue : aw mah gawwwd yoiur such a biccchtch gwakaka gwakaka gwakaka they would let me in at pachaaa so i went Girls in staten island eclipseee and this guy bawwght me madd drinks but then his tan dripped onto my dress and i thought, oh this is hot and we fucked in the back of his truckk gwaka gwaka gwaka, then he left me and started talking to my friend and shes suck a slut whore bich gwaka gwakak gwaka! I would like to say that all Staten Island girls are not the Heroin treatment methadone. I am not like the stereotypes.

Yes, I was born on Staten Island. And yes I own a Speed dating zero matches coach bags.

And a Northface. But why is that a bad thing.

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Coach is very popular. So is The North Face brand. So why is liking these things so stereotypical. If I went to Connecticut and was wearing my Coach bag and my Northface and straightened my hair. I don't think so. So why is it so important to try and put Friends of blind creek beach down.

Because I take pride in what I look like I got to be called trashy. How does that make sense. But on the other hand. If I didn't straighten my hair. And no jacket. You people with all your negative Good profile names for guys would still have something to say. I don't get it. Are you mad because when you were 12 the pretty girls wouldn't talk to you?? You want to know what sucks. I am a girl, living on Staten Island. I can't be proud of where I come from.

I never went tanning a day in my life. And I am I have friends from both the north shore and the south. I don't pretend Women like men with be something I'm not. And I am Italian. But I don't think I can make "One phone call" and think your just going to disappear. I hate drama. Save that shit for tv. I cant stand the "OMG no way. Now both of you leave me alone, I don't care!! And Im not rich. I work for everything I have.

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I don't drive like everyone else. I drive better.

I just think all this stuff is bullshit. Staten Island is boring.

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But its the suburbs. It's supposed to be boring.

And I would love to move. So I'm just stuck here. I guess. Just because a white boy tires to be tougher than he is, Country big booty not mean he is trying to be black. He is just trying to be tough.

Man found dead on staten island with ‘i touch little girls’ written on chest

And not all Staten Island Girls are whores. Most of them are just easy. And Naive Girl March 10, Jul 21 trending 1.

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