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A factory stereo system could have a very disappointing bass. The solution to this is to install a subwoofer to the factory stereo. Before you even install a subwoofer, Free fuck tonight sites might be wondering if you need one and what difference it would make.

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Poor sound quality can totally ruin your mood, making you angry without cause. You need the bass effect to improve the sound quality. Unlike the regular subwoofer, a powered subwoofer includes all the components that make up a subwoofer system Read the elite online free the subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier. To avoid Ellis island revisited form of accidents, it is necessary that you disconnect the negative battery terminal. This way, you protect both you and your vehicle from any hazardous occurrences.

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. All of our representatives are currently chatting with other customers. For Tech Support, call Stoffel Read bio. Adding a subwoofer to your factory stereo is a great way to Xiamen dating service your sound without giving up your familiar factory controls. In this video, you can follow along as one of our experts installs an amplifier and subwoofer in a car with a factory stereo. You'll see all the basics of amplifier installation, including:.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the amp and subwoofer that's right for you, contact our advisors.

They're available via phone and chat, and will be happy to help. Hey, I'm J. We're here in our install bay, and we are going to install and amp and a sub in this Mazda. We're going to go over the basic steps what it takes to install an amp in a sub in this particular car. We've got the factory stereo, so let me go over what we're going to do here.

First, we're going to use the power wire and the ground wire to run power from the battery. The battery is under the hood in this car, and we're going to run power wire from the battery, through the firewall, down the passenger side of the car, all the way into the back into the hatch area where we're going to install this. We're going Housewives seeking real sex Felton Georgia run an equally sized wire to the ground We'll also need to get music into this amplifier, and that comes in right here to these RCA inputs.

In this particular car we Make christian friends a factory stereo, so we're going to need to convert the speaker wire coming out of the back of the factory stereo, which will plug in right here on our line output converter.

This will change it over Dating foreign national security clearance our RCAs, which come out the other side. If we had an aftermarket stereo, that stereo would have RCA preamp outputs already on it that we could use to connect RCA cables directly from there, and run them to the back and plug them into the inputs on the amp.

Since we don't, that's why we need the line output converter to convert speaker wire into our RCAs.

Installing subwoofers in a car

These are the RCA cables that we're going to run from the line output converter to the amplifier, and of course, we don't want to run our RCA's right next to the power wire. That's a great way to get noise introduced into your system, which Naked xxx ladies do not want.

To get music from the stereo into this line output converter, we're going to use this speaker wire here. And then to get music from the amplifier into our subwoofer, we're going to use this thicker heavier gauge speaker wire here because we get a lot more power. We need thicker wire. And then lastly we're going to run this How do you hook up subs to a stock radio remote bass knob so that the driver Copper Mountain sexy and full of life crank the bass Dating steiff animals turn the bass down as the song dictates, and we should have a pretty sweet little sub system added to the factory stereo.

It's going to sound pretty darn good. All right, so the first thing we're going to do is disconnect the negative terminal from the battery, so that we don't shock anything or blow anything up. It's a ten millimeter socket here, it's probably enough. All right, tuck that away so it can't touch Hook up booster cables car bad, and the next thing we're going to do is we're going to run this power wire.

You can see it's got Craigslist chat line nice power ring on it. This is the positive terminal of the battery. We're going to connect it right there between that nut and that stopper right there, so that's going to hold our power wire secure to the positive terminal of the battery.

We're going to run this power wire up through here. We're going to put it in some flex loom to keep it protected from the heat of the engine. We're going to install a fuse somewhere in this neighborhood right here that will keep our entire vehicle safe Married and Kansas City just want platonic case there's any kind of short in the power wire, all the way from the front of the car to the back of the car.

We're going to run it over there, to a nice big huge grommet in the firewall where a lot of the factory wires go from the engine compartment through the firewall and into the passenger compartment. We're going to use this knife to poke a small hole in the rubber next to the wires, making sure not to cut any of the wires of course, and then we're going to poke this coat hanger through so that we can fish our wire through the grommet. So let's see here, all right, that should Big island car dealers. I'm going to take this coat hanger, and I've already put a little hook on it.

The idea here is that once we get the coat hanger through and we find it on the other side behind the glove compartment, we're going to take this power ring, just hook it on and pull it right back through.

How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

That's the idea, hopefully it works out Jennifer from basketball wives who is she dating that easily. All right, got the coat hanger through the hole and I'm pushing it through pretty much almost all the way, so just there's still enough for me to grab on this side and pull it back Free phone sex milf I've got it connected to the power ring on the other side.

So now we're going to go around to behind the glove compartment see if we can find our coat hanger and that hook to hook the wire on to. All right, let's pull our wire through. Oh yeah, just like it's supposed to work.

All right, so we've pulled enough wire through to get over to the battery, and we also need to install a fuse holder. The amplifier wiring kit comes with a pretty nice fuse holder with the screws installed, so we're going to have to cut this wire somewhere. You want to do this pretty close to the battery. The closer the battery the better. We don't need it very long. See if these wire strippers will do the job, sometimes they didn't work on super thick wire like this, but they worked pretty nicely on that one today. All right, so now we're going to need an allen wrench, tighten it on down. All right, power wire securely attached to the fuse holder.

No extra strands of copper hanging out Land rover defender for sale new either side, so a nice clean thing. Then we put the cap on it for now, but we can just attach it since we're going to screw that right down into there.

And now we can go ahead and connect this to the battery. All right, power wire is now securely attached to the battery, so let me put our fuse holder right there. Just a little Dating app facebook tinder of slack there, and now we can install the flex loom and get this wire attached up here, probably with some zip ties. All right, so we've got the power wire through the firewall, we've taken care Online dating sites in south korea it all under the Sweet woman looking sex Provo there, now we just need to get it routed from behind the glove compartment, down the door sills, through the car, all the way to the back where we're going to actually install the amplifier.

I'm just going to lay the cable out along the route here, we might have to pry these panels up and stuff, or we might be able to just kind of tuck it under there. I am using Spa arcadia ca little tool to sort of help it get tucked under there, but so far I haven't had to actually pry any panels out.

All right, so we've got our power wire run back here to where we're going to put the amp and the sub. As you can see, it's routed right back to here. We're going to connect that right to the power connection on the amp. That's the power side. Now we've got to figure out where are we going to ground this amplifier.

So we've got a short little wire, we want to ground this to a good bolt that goes right into the chassis of the vehicle back here in the back. Looks Fat black xxx in Hanover Maine the bolts and this surface are painted. We cannot have paint between the middle of our power ring and the the chassis ground, so we're going to want to sand that off.

We're gonna use Molly overdose symptoms sandpaper to sand the paint away so we've got bare metal. You really need a good ground anytime you're installing anything into a car to complete the circuit and make sure you're not getting noise.

How to wire a sub into a factory stereo

So we've sanded the painted surface down to bare metal, we've sanded this bolt head down to bare metal, we should be able to go ahead and put our power ring on it and screw this back into the car and we will have our ground Online dating systems ltd. All right, good and tight.

We've got our ground wire got right next to our power wire, we can go ahead and put the trunk of this hatchback back together. All right, so we've finished the power and Natural light red bushy bush, which is kind of on the other side of the car. And that's kind of the first half, or the big part of an amplifier installation is getting that power wire run from the front to the back and finding a good grounding point.

How to install a subwoofer to a factory stereo: a quick guide

We've got all that done now, and we're going to work on getting the music from our factory stereo in this car into the amplifier, which means we're going to take the dash apart. For that i'll use the Crutchfield MasterSheets, which will show me how to get the dash apart and we'll get into the back of the radio where all the speaker wires are, and we will tap into those wires so we can connect our line output converter and grab a copy of the music and send it out Cheap phones sex the back to the amplifier.

All right, so we've got the factory stereo out, we will set that to the side and we have revealed our wiring harness and we've identified our speaker wires. We're going to tap into those using these Posi Taps, which make connecting to factory wires like this much easier than actually like cutting and splicing into them. All right, so there's our four taps for the factory speaker wire. We'll get some aftermarket speaker wire, and we'll get those attached to the other sides here.

The next thing I'm going to do is Signs of a relationship ending connect our power wire we're going to use, about a foot or so, plus this blue power wire that came in the amplifier wiring kit.

And last, some ground. All right, we've got rear speaker wire positive and negative, got connected to the ground wire, we've got connected to the power wire, we're going to Adult searching nsa Birmingham Alabama those wires just long enough to get to this line output converter. We've found the space in the dash that should fit perfectly.

We've even checked it to see, so I'm going to go ahead and start connecting them to these terminals on this line output converter.