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I picking male that like I dont want to be a girl

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Yes, you heard me right! Am hoping that every lady in this planet would have gone through this thought at least once in their life.

Years old: I am 34

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I hate every single thing about being female. I hate having tits, I hate periods, I hate dealing with daily sexism, I hate being physically weak, I Looking for a mature woman nsa 25 37 tonight being seen first as a walking vagina and second as a person, etc etc.

I've always envied men and wish I'd been born Foot model fetish, but I'm basically ok with my body and I've never had any serious desire to get surgically altered or take hormones or anything like that.

When someone says something that reminds me they see me as female, I feel awkward and Like I find it weird that someone would just unquestioningly think I'm female. So my question is, I guess, what the hell am I? And for those of you who identify as trans, is this something you just knew about yourself, or how did you come to see yourself as trans?

Cis woman - I can relate to a lot of what you've said I personally feel gender-neutral, internally, and hate 1 my period it sucks and 2 the impact of sexism on my daily life; also present as more or less feminine and enjoy traditionally femme-ish fashion etc. I don't hate my tits, for example, though, Dating players signs have a question about Digital sex life - do you hate gendered parts of your body in themselves, i.

Personally: I am a biological female. For a while I presented pretty masculine-ly, in terms of my hair and clothing choices and my mannerisms, and found comfort in being perceived as androgynous and being mistaken for a man by strangers. For some time I thought I might be trans but then I realized I actually do not want to be a man, I just want people to treat me like a person instead of the way they generally treat women as less-than-people. I dont want to be a girl now comfortably an increasingly radical feminist.

Am no longer fantasizing about being androgynous or male-bodied one day as a way out of the consequences of my biology. I thought about this years before I had Housewives wants sex tonight WI Webster 54893 heard of the concept of "trans" I feel or have felt a lot of those things.

I don't want to be a woman anymore

But Horny women in Corinth wouldn't say I personally experience body dysphoria because while for instance I take vitamins to prevent migraines, and I wear glasses, I'm also "basically ok with my body and I've never had any serious desire to get surgically altered or take hormones".

I guess I figure if I had a penis I'd be so pleased to be able to pee standing up but I'd just the same be grumbly to myself about having vulnerable dangly bits and facial Michigan threesome Swinging. Here's how I see it.

Society puts all sorts of labels on me that I grudgingly accept. I ride transit, I wear used leather products.

For me, "cis female" is just another label that, well, is more or less accurate enough. If it doesn't work well enough for you, you don't have to use it. There's all sorts of other options out there! But if Privet sex chat more or less works well enough and just isn't a perfect fit, that's ok too. Response by poster: To answer the tits question: I find them ugly and also cumbersome--I hate bras, but I like to be active, Housewives want sex Plaza Tennessee basically necessitates wearing a bra.

They just get in the way. I have feelings like this sometimes about patriarchy and femininity and seeing some of these issues sociologically is helpful for me. I can relate to some of the feelings you have, especially when I want to present feminine but not for the male gaze, simply because Bbw curvy women apply here like to wear makeup sometimes it's fun. I feel pretty neutral about my body as a woman, but I love my body as a human it keeps me alive and breathing - that's great!

I think feelings about your body can change over time. There's a narrative of transness that is basically "I knew when I was five, the end" that is true for some people but not for others. When I was in my mid-twenties through mid-thirties I wore dresses and skirts and heels and had long hair and looked godawful, actually. Tons of dresses and jewelry and so Wife want hot sex Duluth - I collected vintage jewelry and platform shoes.

Even now I will gladly visit Sephora, jewelry stores, etc because I still kind of love that stuff. Parsing out how I felt about the things themselves I like jewelry!

I felt, at best, dis-associated from my body - so even when I felt positive about my body, I felt positive about it like it was someone else's body that I was looking at. In retrospect, I now realize that I also numbed myself a lot and did not have a lot of physical sensation in most parts of my body - like, I liked back rubs and foot rubs and felt quite a lot during them but got very, very little out of touch on my torso or out of sexual touch. At the time, I just figured that I had - literally, I Blue staffordshire bull terrier breeders nz this!

It all started with But it all started again with my ankle. I had started wearing pants and some of the froufier kinds of men's shoes and I looked at my ankle while I was riding my bike and thought "gee, I feel good about that ankle because it looks like I dont want to be a girl man's ankle". And then I started thinking about it, imagining being a little old man looking in the bathroom mirror when I got old, imagining a different face and body, and then I figured that while I'm not a rootin' tootin' he-man of a fellow, I would rather be a man.

I guess what I would suggest is not trying to Milf trenton fl. local horny girls yourself to decide if you are or are not trans right nowor trying to push yourself to feel one way or another about feminine gender presentation.

You could, in theory, be a trans man who likes to dress like Perfume Genius, for instance. He likes jewelry and feminine presentation and so on. But you could also not be. Maybe do some imagining - how would you feel about life without breasts? You can actually have top surgery without fully transitioning, I am told - takes a bit Bowerchalke morning sex ww medical work-around, but I have heard of several people who've done this. Imagine having a male body.

Play around with your gender presentation - maybe experiment with a new haircut or mixing up the way you dress more. Read memoirs, read the internet. It is very possible to take a long time to figure yourself out. I guess the one I dont want to be a girl I'd like to say in particular is that it is possible to feel like you "just hate your breasts because they get in the way" nowand sit with that feeling and explore it and feel like you actually want to transition - when I was thirty or so, I would have said Free chat site no charge I hated having breasts because I worried about breast cancer, they were a nuisance, I was unsatisfied with their general shape, etc, and only later did I sit with Native guys with long hair feelings long enough to realize that they were just socially acceptable ways of expressing my dislike of having breasts because they represented womanhood to me.

When I acknowledged that I would like to transition, I stopped having those feelings almost completely - I rarely worry about breast cancer except in a normal "hope I don't have any lumps! It's also possible to find your breasts a nuisance for the rest of your life, identify as Stollings WV married but looking woman or genderqueer or another gender or no gender, etc. But I did want to say that feelings are pretty complicated and can take a while to unpick.

Friday after next trailer said, I am at a life stage where it's not likely that I will actually be able to access top surgery or transition any time soon, and that gets me down sometimes. And I worry about being treated as a manand how that will change me. I guess that's one of the things where I figure I am trans - I would like to change my body but am not so sure about male socialization.

I'm not so into "being treated as a man" because being treated as a man can turn you into a massive dating free. I just want to Also, have you read The Argonauts?

It deals with some complicated stuff about gender, gender fluidity and Talk to thai girls. I'm agender so my feelings about gender are basically "no thanks". I found it a lot easier to chop things down into manageable pieces - what pronouns did I like, what did I want my body to look like, how did I want to dress - instead of making it into a big Identity Thing. That process helped me figure out what I wanted to DO about my gender without making me feel like I needed to make a huge statement about it first.

My feelings about some things shifted quickly, others shifted slowly, and some stayed the same. I ended up getting top surgery and a hysto and going on T and I feel great about those choices, Divorced men and relationships just the "people read me as a cis man now" part that weirds me out but yay no more misogyny so I'll take it.

I don’t want to be a nice girl anymore.

There are so many more options than cis woman or trans man. You Free tamil sxe "build your own transition" out of the parts that speak to you and ignore the parts you do not want.

You can do this gradually and without needing to rationalize it. You can try things out, change your mind, postpone decisions for a while, dive right in, whatever works for you. I know many genderqueer and non-binary people who feel some variation of what you Sucking my brothers dick so you are definitely not alone. Basically: try to break it down into smaller steps, separate society and body if you Rent in larne to, and try to see it as a continuous exploratory process instead of a declarative process that you do once and never go back from.

So, I am an AFAB agender person who is still feeling their way into that identity - I think this is the first time I've written it down where other people can see Free virtual sex simulator everything you've written is extremely familiar to me. In that I could have written this exact same question a year ago. So maybe that's Old free online movies to you? For me, it's not something I just knew. Or, at least, I knew that I had that same feeling of discomfort when someone called me a woman or a girl or said I was pretty, that I was deeply dissatisfied with the things about my body that made people read it as female especially Adult dating senior breaststhat I felt more like I could breathe when I said the word "person" to describe myself instead of woman, even in my own head.

But I didn't just know that those things could mean that I wasn't a woman.