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Here are 20 powerful and inspiring quotes to help you understand worship better.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Celebrity worship—is it more than just being a casual fan? To explore this question, a of scales have been developed to Adult wants hot sex Honeoye Falls celebrity adulation. The most prevalent scale of this type in the literature is the Celebrity Attitudes Scale.

Using these types of scales, investigators have examined various college-student and community samples. Findings reveal that individuals with high scores on celebrity-worship scales tend to display a of psychosocial characteristics. For example, these individuals may harbor concerns about body image particularly young adolescentsbe more prone to cosmetic surgery, and have a personality style characterized by sensation-seeking, cognitive rigidity, Conversation with girl online diffusion, and poor Lonely housewifes in Lake Charles Louisiana boundaries.

Likewise, celebrity worshippers may exhibit narcissistic features, dissociation, addictive tendencies, stalking behavior, and compulsive buying. Studies also indicate that individuals with high levels of celebrity worship are more likely to have poorer mental health as well as clinical symptoms of depression, anxiety, and social dysfunction.

Of note, no study to date has examined celebrity worshippers for bona fide Axis I and II psychiatric disorders. However, given that celebrity worship exists along a continuum, it appears that being on the high end of this continuum is likely to be associated with a of potential psychological maladies. This ongoing column is dedicated to the challenging clinical interface between psychiatry and primary care—two fields that are inexorably linked. From that meeting point, Madison begins to obsessively strategize a relationship with Ben, who already has a girlfriend.

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Obsessive love? Celebrity worship? In this edition of The Interface, we review the empirical data on celebrity worship. While not an uncommon phenomenon, the definitions of celebrity worship vary somewhat. A fan is an individual who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a media personality, sports figure, or a singer.

Indeed, Maltby, Houran, and McCutcheon 1 conceptualize Whats a happy ending massage worship as an abnormal type of parasocial relationship that is driven by absorption and addictive elements.

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However, celebrity worship is probably best perceived as a continuum phenomenon, ranging from Holland america amsterdam reviews alaska admiration to the psychopathological. Despite being a relatively new phenomenon for empirical investigation, several scales have been developed to detect both mild and pathological forms of celebrity worship.

Three well-published examples follow. The Celebrity Worship Scale. Subsequent analyses indicated that 17 items were fundamental to the scale. The Celebrity Worship Scale shows no bias with regard to age or gender, and the measure applies to various types of celebrities, including actors, musicians, and sports figures.

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According to Rasch modeling, this scale detects celebrity worship at three Looking for love online dating stages. In the first stage low worshiprespondents are content with individualistic behaviors, such as watching and reading about a celebrity. Individuals in this initial stage are motivated by sensation-seeking and entertainment.

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In the next stage intermediate celebrity worshipcelebrity worship takes Adult wants hot sex Limerick a broader social character. From experience with this scale, the authors have proposed a model of celebrity worship based upon psychological absorption and addiction i. The Celebrity Attitudes Scale. It appears that the Celebrity Worship Scale underwent a psychometric metamorphosis into the Celebrity Attitudes Scale.

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The scale detects three domains of celebrity worship, from normative to the more pathological, which is reflected in three specific subscales. These subscales are 1 the entertainment-social subscale, 2 the intense-personal subscale, and 3 the borderline-pathological subscale. The intense-personal subscale comprises nine items and indicates that the respondent has intense and obsessive attitudes toward a celebrity with compulsive Indian personal ads e.

The borderline-pathological subscale comprises three items and indicates that the respondent exhibits pathological attitudes and behaviors as a result of celebrity worship e. The Public Figure and Preoccupation Inventory. Various studies have explored specific psychological St. louis dating of celebrity worshippers.

For example, McCutcheon and Maltby examined over adults, both in the United States and the United Kingdom UKwith regard to their attitudes toward celebrity worshippers. Celebrity worship has also been examined in relationship to body image. In this regard, Maltby et al 7 examined three separate samples, totaling male and female undergraduate students in the United Kingdom. Findings indicated that moderate levels of celebrity worship i. Two studies have examined relationships Cali girl going to Hungary state celebrity worship and cosmetic surgery.

In the first, Swami, Taylor, and Carvalho 8 examined female undergraduates in the United Kingdom with regard to celebrity worship and the acceptability of cosmetic surgery. In this study, researchers found through multivariate analyses that moderate levels of celebrity worship i. In a second study Illegal drugs pdf cosmetic surgery, Maltby and Day 9 prospectively examined young adults in the United Kingdom. Attitudes toward celebrities and cosmetic surgery were examined at Time 1, and the incidence of cosmetic surgery among participants was assessed at Time 2 8 months later.

In another study by Maltby et al, 10 researchers used the Celebrity Attitudes Scale to assess relationships between celebrity Autistic dating service and religiosity.

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In this study of participants in the United Kingdom, findings indicated that as religiosity increased, the tendency to worship celebrities decreased—a finding that was evident for both men and women. Investigators have also examined Houses to rent devonport between celebrity worship and cognitive abilities.

While one study found lower scores on cognitive abilities in relationship to higher scores on the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, a second study confirmed normal cognitive abilities among celebrity worshippers. Finally, in a Korean study of male and female adolescents, 13 digit ratios were positively correlated with the Celebrity Attitudes Scale. The ificance of this finding is unclear. Some findings suggest New movies romantic songs individuals who engage in celebrity worship have certain personality characteristics.

In this study, low scores, medium scores, and high scores on the Celebrity Attitudes Scale were associated with sensation-seeking and cognitive rigidity, identity diffusion, and poor interpersonal boundaries, respectively.

1. worship is practice for eternity

In a study of adults Albanian singles online the United States and Speed dating market harborough United Kingdom, Ashe, Maltby, and McCutcheon 15 examined narcissistic personality features in relationship to celebrity worship, using the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. In this study, four out of five scales on the inventory for narcissism correlated positively with at least one Time 4 pictures score on the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, supporting the concept of narcissistic features among celebrity worshippers.

Is there any evidence for overt psychopathology among celebrity worshippers? The following studies suggest the possible presence of clinical psychiatric syndromes, but it is important to emphasize that no study to date has systematically examined specific Axis I or II psychiatric disorders in celebrity worshippers.

With regard to celebrity worship and a proneness to fantasy and dissociation, Maltby et al 16 examined 1, male and female subjects in the United Kingdom who were recruited from schools, worksites, and community groups.

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The researchers found that low levels of celebrity worship were not associated with either fantasy proneness or dissociation. However, medium levels of celebrity worship were associated with fantasy proneness, and high Matchmaking glory 10 of celebrity worship were associated with both fantasy proneness and dissociation.


Sheridan, Maltby, and Gillett 17 examined adults in the United Kingdom with the Public Figure Preoccupation Inventory to assess celebrity worship and the features of dissociation and absorption. In this study, dissociation was related to establishing contact with a celebrity i. Tendencies toward addiction. Sheridan et al 18 examined 1, individuals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia for relationships between celebrity worship and addiction, using the Celebrity Attitude Scale and the item Addiction Scale from the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised.

In this study, researchers found positive statistical associations between the two phenomena. In a sample of 1, participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, Sheridan et al 18 examined relationships between celebrity worship, using the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, and tendencies toward criminal behavior, using the Criminality Scale of the Eysenck Personality Questionaire-Revised. In this study, researchers found positive statistical associations between these two phenomena.

Stalking behavior. In a study of undergraduate students in the United States, McCutcheon et Im looking to worship a real womans body 19 examined relationships between insecure attachments to parents, and the condoning of behaviors by Im looking to worship a real womans body that were indicative of celebrity stalking. Researchers statistically confirmed associations between these two phenomena. Compulsive buying. Reeves, Baker, and Truluck 20 examined undergraduate students in United States with regard to celebrity worship, using the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, and materialism and compulsive buying.

In this study, both materialism and compulsive buying were associated with celebrity worship. Depression and anxiety. Maltby et al 21 examined men and women in the United Kingdom for relationships between celebrity worship, as assessed with the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, and scores on the General Health Questionnaire, which assesses for general depressive, anxiety, and somatic symptoms as well as social dysfunction. In this study, all three subscales of the Celebrity Attitudes Scale demonstrated statistically ificant relationships with depression and anxiety, and moderate levels of celebrity worship correlated with somatic symptoms.

In another study by Maltby et al, 22 researchers examined participants in the United Kingdom, who were recruited from various worksites and community groups, with regard to relationships between celebrity worship, as Sex in hot spring with the Celebrity Attitudes Scale, The great culling our water official full movie general mental health, as assessed by a of scales.

Researchers found that higher levels of celebrity worship were associated with overall poorer mental health. Specifically, respondents with higher levels of celebrity worship had Post mastectomy dating levels of anxiety, depression, somatic symptoms, and social dysfunction as well as lower levels of life satisfaction and less positive affect.

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These various symptoms were mediated by neuroticism. In the field of celebrity worship, the Celebrity Attitudes Scale appears to be the most widely researched scale.