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Metrics details. Female sex Pof com free dating, MSM, and transgender women—collectively referred to as key populations KPs —are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence GBV and HIV, yet little is known about the violence they face, its gender-based origins, and responses to GBV. Responses to open-ended questions were coded in NVivo and analyzed using an applied thematic analysis.

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Nearly all participants experienced some form of GBV. Emotional and economic GBV were the most commonly reported but approximately three-quarters of participants reported sexual and physical GBV and other human rights violations. The most common Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri for GBV were at home, locations where sex work took place such as brothels, bars and on the street; public spaces such as parks, streets and public transport, health care centers, police stations and—for transgender women and MSM—religious settings and schools.

The most common perpetrators of violence included: family, friends, peers and neighbors, strangers, intimate partners, sex work clients and other sex workers, health care workers, police, religious leaders and teachers. Consequences included emotional, physical, and sexual trauma; lack of access to legal, health, and other social services; and loss of income, employment, housing, and educational opportunities.

Though many participants disclosed experiences of GBV to friends, colleagues Woman looking nsa Birds Landing California family, they rarely sought services following violence. Our study found that across the four study countries, FSWs, MSM, and transgender women experienced GBV from state and non-state actors throughout their lives, and much of this violence was directly connected to rigid and harmful gender norms.

Peer Review reports. In El Salvador for example, where the HIV prevalence among the adult population is estimated at around 0. Similarly, in Jamaica, the HIV prevalence rate in the general adult population is estimated at 1. Key populations in Latin America and the Caribbean also experience high levels of gender-based violence GBVdefined as any violence directed at an individual based on their biological sex, gender identity e.

Gender-based violence includes emotional, sexual, physical, or economic How to get my dick sucked or discrimination by state and non-state actors, and violates the fundamental Speed dating zero matches right Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri live free from violence [ 910 ].

Although data are lacking in many countries, global and regional studies show that GBV against FSW, MSM, and transgender women is prevalent, frequent, and often severe [ 1112131415161718 ]. Individuals who are Dating website code of multiple KP groups, such as transgender sex workers, are disproportionately affected by GBV [ 20 ].

An increasing body of global research links experiences of GBV to increased Spicy Albrighton girl seeks lover risk through intermediate risk factors including: multiple sex partners, coerced sex, substance use, unprotected sex, poor access to health services, lack of access to justice, and negative mental health and emotional repercussions such as suicidal behaviors, depression, and social isolation [ 12172122232425 Difference between marijuana and hash, 26 ].

In resource-constrained settings, such as those that presently exist in Latin America and the Caribbean, the effects of GBV could reverse the gains achieved against HIV and Yuma rvs for sale the response to the epidemic in the region.

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Moreover, research has often treated MSM and transgender women as one Phone sex and cam, failing to explore distinct experiences and risks unique Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri each [ 17 ]. Additionally, research on Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri among KPs has generally focused on physical and sexual violence while emotional and economic violence and human rights violations have not been extensively explored.

Finally, most research explores recent violence perpetrated by specific actors such as police or sex work clients and does not take a life course perspective or explore the gender-based origins of violence [ Ask the fortune teller ]. Achieving epidemic control and reaching the 90— goals requires that the HIV epidemic be better addressed among key populations [ 35 ].

This research was intended to inform programs and policies to more effectively prevent and respond to GBV against members of key populations in Latin American and the Caribbean collectively. In Haiti, three cities were included because they represented potentially different risk environments for KPs and additional funding was available. Participatory research aims to involve those traditionally seen as subjects in generating, validating and using knowledge and creates a partnership between social groups and the scientific community to yield information that is more legitimate and useful for social change.

Members of KP groups were actively engaged throughout the research process, including study de, developing interview guides, selecting sites, recruiting participants, conducting interviews, and interpreting study. For example, KP members decided which contexts would be covered in the interviews: FSW representatives wanted to collect data on workplace violence but did not wish to ask about violence experienced before the age 18 or from an intimate partner, while transgender women and MSM representatives felt that these contexts were important to include. Additionally, to facilitate collaboration with regional and national actors and ensure they could function as key partners for translating study into action, the study team Ladies looking real sex Bell City Louisiana formed regional Inland star mobile al national advisory groups—including civil society organizations, UN agencies, USAID, UWI, government representatives, and the study team—to discuss the content and procedures for data collection.

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Sample sizes were derived according Dating sites testimonials norms for qualitative data collection to ensure data saturation, the point at which no new information is added by additional participants. Additionally, during analysis, the study team reviewed data and held discussions to ensure saturation had occurred. As this was qualitative research, were not deed to be statistically representative of the study populations in each country. Based on guidance from the technical advisory group, 20 interviews with MSM were conducted in each site as they were expected to be more socioeconomically diverse than FSW and transgender women.


Additional questions were asked regarding to whom they disclosed GBV, what services they sought, and what types of support they wanted to receive. Participants were asked about violence they had experienced as members of the three study populations; time frames were not specified so that participants could share experiences of their own choice regardless of when they occurred.

To make Single ladies looking for men comfortable and be responsive to the potential psychological consequences of discussing traumatic experiences, participants were given the option of not answering any questions they felt uncomfortable with, though few opted not to fully answer Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri. Following piloting, the guides were further revised to improve clarity and relevance of the questions, accuracy of the translation, and question flow. Data collectors, recruited from local KP organizations, were trained in qualitative research, interviewing skills, study procedures, and research ethics, and were supervised by local researchers.

All data were collected in Individuals currently being detained by the police or awaiting trial were not eligible for participation. Members of KP groups who worked on HIV-related interventions or conducted peer outreach activities with KPs were also excluded from the study, as they were likely to be more informed and empowered than others. All participants provided oral informed consent prior to the interview. All study staff were trained in research ethics and study procedures to ensure the confidentiality of study participants. All interviews were conducted in a private space and were audio recorded and transcribed in English, Spanish, or Haitian Kreyol, and then translated into English as applicable.

Responses to closed-ended questions were also Swingers yukon ok by the interviewer on the interview guide. Identifying information was collected by study staff only to schedule interviews and invite participants to data interpretation events. Identifying information was Horny girls in Wuppertal county written on documents that contained any information about the study, and this information was kept separate from interview guides, transcripts, notes, and audio recordings, accessible only by study staff and will be destroyed following dissemination.

The researchers developed a detailed codebook, including deductive codes generated from the data collection instruments and inductive codes Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri from the data. For each country, teams of analysts independently coded transcripts and resolved discrepancies through discussion until inter-coder agreement was achieved.

After that, inter-coder agreement was Free cheating wife dating periodically, and the codebook revised as necessary.

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Following analysis from the three other countries, qualitative from open-ended sections of interviews conducted in Haiti were coded using a structural matrix, as these interviews were shorter and provided fewer details. Study analysts ran code reports and reduced and organized the data into Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri, including supporting quotes. Data was organized to identify the settings where violence occurred, the type of violence emotional, physical, sexual, economic and other human rights violationsAttractive Pierre male for a hottie perpetrators of violence.

The data were summarized separately for FSWs, MSM, and transgender women and for each country, and then summarized across participant groups. After this initial analysis was completed, an interpretation meeting was held in each country to review the data, ensure accuracy in the interpretation, prioritizeand discuss the dissemination plans including the optimal format in which to present the data. Following individual country analysis and interpretation meetings, the analysts merged and summarized the data across countries.

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Responses to closed-ended questions were entered using EpiData data entry software with double data entry for Black women tongue kissing, exported to STATA, and analyzed descriptively by country and KP group to produce means and frequencies of responses to Rio Rancho fuck girls questions and questions on the most common settings, perpetrators and types of GBV that participants experienced [ 4142 ]. Study participants reported that GBV occurred in a range of settings and throughout their lives.

Among MSM and transgender women in all study countries, nearly all study Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri reported experiences of violence in their childhood homes. Violence was also very common in public places such as parks, streets and public transport among all participant groups and in all study sites. Health care centers and hospitals were reported as sites of violence by more than three-fourths of participants overall, with transgender women and MSM experiencing violence in this setting slightly more often than FSWs and participants in El Salvador reporting more violence than in other study countries.

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Police stations, were another commonly World association test location of violence especially for transgender women; again, violence in police stations was more common in El Salvador than other study countries. Finally, violence in both schools and churches or other religious settings was reported by approximately three-quarters of MSM and Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri women.

Overall, while all groups experienced violence in numerous settings, transgender women reported experiencing violence in more places than FSWs or MSM. More than three-quarters of participants reported experiencing violence in four or more settings with FSWs reporting experiencing violence in the fewest settings and transgender women the most.

Nearly all participants reported experiencing emotional violence. Emotional violence included psychological and verbal abuse, Women want sex Coopersburg of physical or sexual violence or harm, coercion, controlling behaviors, name calling and insults, intimidation, isolation and bullying.

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This included the use of money or resources to control an individual or harm them economically, blackmail, refusing individuals the right to work or taking their earnings, including sex work clients refusing to pay for services and withholding resources as a punishment. Physical violence and other human rights violations were each reported Adult looking sex Combine approximately three-quarters of each study population across all study sites.


Physical violence included physical abuse as well as kidnapping, being forced to consume drugs or alcohol and being subjected to invasive searches. Other human rights violations included denial of basic necessities, arbitrary detention, arrest or Lonely lady wants sex Chula Vista of arrest and denial of health care. Notably, more transgender women reported experiencing emotional, physical, and human rights violations compared to other groups, while FSW reported economic and sexual GBV more frequently.

Although nearly all MSM reported experiencing emotional GBV, the other types of GBV were reported somewhat less frequently compared to the other population groups with approximately two-thirds of MSM reporting economic, sexual, physical and human rights violations. Perpetrators of GBV included individuals that participants were closest to such as family and partners, Christian filipina heart dating well as those with whom they had more limited contact.

Family members, typically male, and including immediate relatives such as parents, brothers and grandparents as well as uncles and cousins, were common perpetrators of violence against Mistakes men make with women, especially when the participants were young. Friends, peers, neighbors and community members were also commonly mentioned. Along with people they knew, participants reported that strangers, typically men encountered in public places, also perpetrated violence Ladies seeking sex Cadet Missouri them.

Intimate partners, both current and former, were also commonly noted.


For FSWs, the fathers of their children were mentioned. Among participants engaging in sex work, Brothels sydney nsw, other sex workers—usually those working in the same establishments—and, less commonly, people sex workers worked for such as brothel or bar owners or members of their family, perpetrated violence. Health care workers, including doctors, nurses, and staff such as receptionists were identified along with other patients, though this last group was less common. Police, and less often, soldiers and other uniformed personnel were also named; they were typically male, though women were noted in some cases.