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Wet spring weather usually means greater s of face flies, a common pest of pastured cattle in western North Carolina. By developing an effective face fly control program for your beef herd, you can ificantly improve animal performance and welfare comfortand increase profits.

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Female face flies feed on the eyes and muzzle of cattle, moving frequently from one animal to another. This feeding activity is particularly irritating and stressful, causing cattle expend energy throwing their he and flicking their tails.

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Grazing is disrupting when animals bunch together with their he inwards to avoid attacking flies. These behavioral and physiological responses to irritation in production losses, including reduced fertility, growth, and lactation. Female face flies are known to transmit pinkeye, brucellosis, and IBR. Fortunately, vaccines are available to help prevent these debilitating diseases.

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Contact your veterinarian regarding their efficacy and their use. Controlling face flies can be difficult, and none of the presently available control strategies are completely effective.

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If face Is love lust populations are high, more than one method of treatment may be required in order to achieve acceptable control. Dust bags are commercially available and easy to use.

Most are sold in kits containing the dust bag, rope for hanging, and two packages of insecticide dust. Refill kits are also available.

Dust bags will last for several seasons…especially if hung properly and then taken down and stored in a dry, protected place when fly season ends. Dust bags will only provide good face fly control if they are placed where cattle are forced to use them every day. The most effective way Signs youre dating an insecure man assure this is to isolate the water source and force the cattle to pass under the dust bags to drink.

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If you water your cattle out of tanks, it is very convenient to set up forced-use dust bags. The tank can be enclosed with a strong wooden fence, allowing at least 12 feet of room around Dealing with a married man tank so animals can drink comfortably. Often, dust bags are hung too high. Hang them low, about knee high, so that the cattle have to pick them up with their he when they pass by.

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They must be hung low to give effective face fly control on small calves as well as on the adult animals. Ear tags impregnated with insecticide can also provide relief, provided they are used correctly and steps are taken to prevent buildup of resistance Spaz 12 for sale the fly populations to the insecticide in the tags.

To avoid this problem, be sure to read and follow label instructions.

Face fly control

Be sure to apply two tags per animal if directed one in each earand be sure to tag the calves, too. Most crucial to preventing a pesticide-resistant fly population… be sure to remove tags at the end of the season usually first frost. Feed-through insecticides contained in feed additives or free-choice minerals Montpelier MS wife swapping also reduce fly populations, especially when used in area-wide control programs.

These products contain a larvicide or insect growth regulator that passes through the digestive tract and into fresh manure, where female flies lay their eggs.

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These chemicals keep new generations of flies from developing, but have no direct Https www dating on the adult face flies infesting your cattle. These feed-through products are deed to be fed 30 days prior to the emergence of flies, so you will need to start using them in early spring. If pour-on fly treatments are administered at the same time you put the fly tags in, you get a fast jump on the fly population.

You can also use this trip through the chute as an opportunity to deworm your cattle.

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Whole-animal sprays are cost-effective and provide quick temporary Nicest tits in Tulsa, but need to be re-applied on a regular basis, typically every days. In summary, a successful face fly control program requires advance planning, close observation, determining the best control methods that you can implement on your farm, and following label directions on the products you use to get optimum control and decrease the chance of resistance. The payoff is a happier, healthier, and more productive herd.

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