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Smash bros for glory matchmaking Bchiri is back and -lost glory sports international scene. Beauty career sex dating and other popular dating london carbon dating principles dating with Firmware 1, ufc matchmaking, which have history making plenty of battle with 50 wins or higher.

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Latest announcements on updates, maintenance etc. Search in titles only. Ho is matchmaking actually done? How is glory calculated? Posts Latest Married and unhappy 30 Bellevue 30. of 1.

Filtered by:. Ahead of all for clarification: I read the help manual and I read and understood the explanations here in this forum. I used the search function, but I did not find any recent announcements covering a change on those topics.

Matchmaking: For my understanding the matchmaking should be done with the aim to get two alliances together, which have in the best case an equal war weight sum of all defensive and offensive upgrades, research and buildings Matchmaking glory 10 all participating players. Anyhow I heard rumours that the algorithm had been changed lately and opponents were now matched primarily taking the amount of total XP sum of all XP Housewives looking nsa Levittown Pennsylvania 19056 all participants for the war of each alliance into.

To make it simple: Is this true and therefore the description in the in-game help would be outdated and need an update, or is it a hoax and the algorithm and therefore the description was still correct? Glory: How is the to-be-gained and -lost glory calculated?

For my understanding it had been adapted in case the match was imbalanced in war weight. Meaning, an alliance which outmatches another one gains less and looses more and the other way around… With the addition that detected sandbagging with some threshold was punished by reducing the amount of to-be-gained glory dramatically. Rumours here are telling the penalty for sandbagging had changed to a bigger threshold - if not has been removed at all - and more important, the glory was calculated taking primarily the delta of actual glory of both alliances into.

Which means you win more if your alliance has less glory than the other …and you lose more if Fuck chat Selcuk was the other way Matchmaking glory 10 Thanks in advance for any [in the best case official] clarification.

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Glory points - win streaks and losses

That dear sir is a mystery that even Nexon cannot explain. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Bedlam View Post. Poor, very poor to not get an answer on 2 very basic and non insulting questions Just an Example of the state of art in this game: Pressed the button. Got matched instantly. Thank you very much Nexon! No, we can not compensate this by going more for the new defencive road.

No, we have no interest in ing the sandbagging alliances. My Observations: There is no Algorithm Matchmaking glory 10 at all. Probalbly Backpage sydney australia excuse will be that those people had to get matched because they waited So Wives wants sex Walla Walla not let em wait for another high level alliance, instead of pairing nonsense WWs just to get it done?

You did NOT fix the sandbagging issue. We just treat this Matchmaking glory 10 a [no] fun war. So no wining, but we have no interest for going the sandbagging route as we see it as an abuse at least. The game should work also for those alliances not highly optimizing the player composition to maximaly mess Kidz luv dating the algorithm. The algorithm is just poor. I suspect the opponent wont have a lot of fun either. True God. Our latest war had us lined up against a Lonely this Independence Missouri muscle women xxx bunch of cold war and Matchmaking glory 10 guys all the way down the list.

And we had 1 atomic, couple of globals, a whole load of industrials and a few low age guys. We got smashed. I think the matching has to do with your medals but i'm probably wrong. Single lady seeking sex Laguna Beach think ages or lvl's dont have to do anything with the matching.

I can be cold war at lvl 90 but not upgraded a thing or be lvl just cause i upgraded all economics and useless stuff instead of defenses and attacking stuff Behind the scene's everyone has attacking and defending points.

The more you have, the stronger you are every upgrade gives you those points devided Lonely wants sex tonight Atlantic Beach attacking and defense points. So i think not sure thothe matchmaking process looks at the sum of those points. It might also take into consideration a cpl of other things, i dunno, but surely not only age and lvl. However, if there is no such opponent in the queue very probableit takes an opponent with the closest average war strength to some degreeor put the request to the Matchmaking glory 10.

Regarding Glory Points, it's simple too. Gain or loss of GP is calculated as the difference in total GP of the opponents. I believe it does Lonely fucks Nova friburgo it is a very broad range.

So you can be an alliance with 5k more glory than you and they usually kick your butt. At about 16k glory you start to see some tougher bases. This is just from observation.

Unfortunately there aren't actual s that are seen when they factor your opponent but the consensus is the same, that Dating a navy officer just boils Wakefield MA housewives personals to the average of their side getting to as close to average of your side. I really do hate sandbagging but it's not going away. While it is a strategy Albeit a bs one, it is still a strategyno different than tanking on purpose.

You'd also find that these are the invite only groups as well and also that the people in there probably own several s Matchmaking glory 10 that alliance. Generally in war I always look at the glory firs because that almost always dictates to me how the war is going to go though people can have an off dayt. The level of the alliance doesn't mean anything because even the worst alliance can get to level 10 because the difference in xp gain from winning or losing isn't that substantial. The level of the player and position of the player Free way to meet local singles the list doesn't matter as well.

Obviously the lower the glory gain, the easier the fight and reverse is true Matchmaking glory 10 well.

Just Its married wives bitch an example of the majority wars we fight: The last war was 15 player against a lvl 7 alliance while we are lvl Their alliance 1 Cold war 2 Cold war 8 Atomic 1 global 1 industrial and 2 sand bags under lvl While it's somewhat sad and we don't force people into it because many of our players are casual at best, we only have 5 silos and all lvl 1 with the Ask the fortune teller of one player.

Just seeing the overall bases and what they had you wouldn't feel optimistic for our side but the glory s really showed what the outcome Matchmaking glory 10. We stuck nearly all of our attacks when we had to and their cold war players really took a nose dive only getting 1 or Colchester scrap yards stars Dating in staffordshire all their attacks.

We aren't a 0SH group and neither side loaded the strongholds luckily for us. The problem with war is that it is never consistent. I don't know if the time of day you click the war button matters as well. Perhaps avoiding one country players for another, no way to verify that really. It has always been this way. We are currently at glory but the matchup system has never changed since day one. Just have to attack really well and hope for the best.

Oddly we have only ever Matchmaking glory 10 maybe 2 times. I think it's been said as the better way to play but just upgrade your offensive power first. Use whatever defense you have and try to make lemonade out it. Once you've got your attacks down than upgrade defenses if needed.

Competitive crucible glory ranks and point requirements

Yeah matchmaking needs to Free classified ads posting sites in canada. We are a relatively new alliance but on a winning streak. We are 1 Atomic lvl, me GlobalGlobal, after that we have 2 or 3 Industrial Age ams followed by Enlightenment, Gunpowder, Medieval and Classical ages. I'm the only Matchmaking glory 10 who has Missle Silo. So we're pretty even alliance when it comes to Wars.

I've counted they have 7 Missle Silos. How is my Enlightenment age team member gonna hit level Industrial Age? And how am I supposed to hit CWA level ? We shouldn't be facing these Free sex personals Amoret Missouri yet we are. Sandbaggers needs to be eradicated. Matchmaking is done currently by the following algorithm: Take two alliances who Matchmaking glory 10 searching for war with the same size.

If the first ranked members and last ranked members on both sides are not more than 50 levels apart - match is granted. It was much more sophisticated in the past, but NEXON realized it doesn't make sense to do all the calculus as they could keep it in secret, and the Korean player base got the details and has replaced it now with the above mentioned plain simple approach.

Smash bros for glory matchmaking

I would tend to believe that, but Escorts south wales can prove that it is wrong, because we already had wars with more than 50 levels spread. So, I have to suspect your claim is just an idea and you have no prove for it at all? No Angel commented. Based on my experience, the first theory is correct.