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Tom Terrific is a — animated series on American televisionpresented as part of the Captain Kangaroo children's television show.

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In. Tom Terrific —.

Hide Spoilers. I remember Captain Kangaroo and the Tom Terrific cast of Big breasts being sucked There was, of course, Tom and his "thinking cap" with a wild series of sound effects when Tom was thinking as well as "Mighty Manfred--The Wonder Dog" Tom's ever-faithful companion who spent most of his time eating and sleeping. The villains of the series were various--but the one I remember was Crabby Appleton who was "rotten to the core".

The theme song lyrics included: "I'm Tom Terrific--the greatest hero ever. Terrific is the name for me 'cause I'm so clever" My name's Tom Terrific".

Was this review helpful? The series provided just the right sort of comedy mix with some parody of standard action characters and their adventures.

Small in stature, curly topped and crowned with his "Thinking Cap" an inverted funnelyoung and highly loquacious, Tom always thought problems out loud. He also tipped us to the coming action; even before it transpired.

That, no doubt, was beneficial for the eternal bottom line. Evil, it is youthful kid, Tom, with his allied faithful dog, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, pitting their best efforts against the bad-guy Mobile auto glass repair las vegas, Crabby Appleton.

Owing to its having Tom a sort of prodigious exponent of brain power over brawn.

Added to that, he could transform his appearance into just Free adult personals in India anything at will. Both of these features were done in a light, humorous manner and were essentially themselves lampoons of the Super Hero genre.

DKosty 11 March While the animation of this series was never great, those of us who watched Captain Kangaroo know about this cartoon.

The characters in this one did not have to directly deal with what is real. The plots to these were quite simple.


The good guys and the bad ones are plainly labeled. Manfred the Wonder Dog, often gave Tom Terrific some valuable assistance.

These cartoons were always harmless and put heroes stars in all the kid eyes. Harmless, so harmless in fact that the encryption of this show should really say something.

Baby boomer alert: who remembers tom terrific and mighty manfred the wonder dog? (video)

To me, this part of my childhood has become very obscure to me. Sure I remember this one Captain Kangaroo memories, 30 years ago at least.

There was Tom, his dog, the baddie, simple as all get-out line drawings and animation, etc. It doesn't surprise me that Gene Deitch is Craigslist of grand forks guy who did them, his Tom and Jerry's are kinda similar. Saw Lionel Wilson just died too.

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