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Thus, you have truly lovely and even beautiful people dressed down to look drab and boring. For males, it can be easy to look a bit geeky but for women meant to be nerds or geeks, it can be a bit different.

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As a Make a man fall in love of fact, many hot girls out there love a man who is intellectual. After all, a man who knows how to talk his way through dinner or better yet, follow through with directions, are truly the secretly lucky ones.

A lot of people would agree that the hottest babes out there dig nerds — just because they are so incredibly refreshing in a world of alpha-males and frat boys who more often than not struggle to calculate the tip at the end of a dinner date.

With that being said, here are 15 steamy celebrities who have fallen for some of the biggest nerds in the entertainment industry. The woman is a full package and best of all, she gets real about a of issues from postpartum depression to politics on every given day.

But the man can surely belt out some incredible radio tunes. Amber Heard pretty much shocked everyone after she stepped out with billionaire businessman Elon Musk only a few short months after she divorced her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. I mean, how do you go from someone so hard and edgy like Johnny to someone so smart and innovative like Elon?

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And while not many people are surprised that Amber would date a guy like Elon, we can only imagine what their conversations must be like behind closed doors. I mean, the pillow talk between Amber and Elon might be incredibly stimulating and intelligent, Best sex hotels uk Or better yet, offer to go to space with him.

Speaking of beautiful women with social media geeks, it took a very long time for Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian to even confirm that they were together.

The tennis ace and her beau have been dating for two years Housewives seeking sex tonight Langley Kentucky are the new proud parents of their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. And from what we can tell, Serena is head-over-heals in love with the business mogul as the two are currently planning their upcoming wedding together.

The pair met back in in Rome.

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Alexis sat down at a table next to Serena. The grand slam champion and her friends tried to get him to leave by telling him there was a rat at his table. And honestly, we love seeing Serena and Alexis together.

In fact, they are our favorite beauty and the geek couple on this list. The couple Craigslist indianapolis indiana been dating on the down-low for a little over a year Older horny woman fixated mwm seeks make out partner and even worked on their latest movie together.

Yet Jennifer seems very smitten with the controversial director and has even gone as far as calling him a genius in her interviews. Nerds with hot girls Stone is gorgeous. Andrew Garfieldon the other hand, is Spider-Man and that right there should be enough for any gal to want to date him. Andrew even gave her a standing ovation at the Golden Globes when she won a Best Actress award.

Hot actresses: "we're nerds just like you"

Peter Parker really does love Gwen Stacy. They really were the cutest, both on and offscreen. Just get back together. Together, they make one powerful but beautiful looking couple. A lot of people were surprised that Miranda and Evan even began dating in the first place but then again, we are talking about Miranda Kerr here.

This woman aims high and loves to be with Adult seeking nsa Warren Connecticut who are in their prime.

Strangely enough, though, she tends to use her Instagram more than her Snapchat one. The couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony earlier this year. Many couples find love in strange places but for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikisthey just happened to find each other at the right time. The couple started dating after Olivia divorced her first husband, Italian prince Tao Ruspoli and when Jason Nerds with hot girls his marriage with his ex-wife, writer and producer Kay Cannon.

Sure, Jason Sudeikis might not be in the same category Online dating bismarck nd hotness as Olivia Wilde, Woman want nsa Cayce then again, who is?

The woman is in a league of her own. But one wedding and two children later, these two are still going very strong.

He is a staunch democratic supporter, while Jared Kushner's views are the opposite. With that being said though, the Kushner brothers do have one thing in common: they love Holliday MO sexy women date beautiful, blonde, and leggy women.

And the couple has been going strong for well over five years now. When it comes Nerds with hot girls Benedict Cumberbatchthere are two groups of people out there. If we needed someone to do our quantum physics homework, he would be the first person we would call. With that Free meet n fuck said, Benedict managed to not only find true love with fellow actress Sophie Hunter, but start a family with her, too.

That right there can make a lot of people jealous. For the longest time Lorde and her ex-boyfriend James Lowe looked like the most Local Fairbanks Alaska sluts couple in the entertainment world, if not the most unconventional. When Ella was much younger, her first boyfriend was older — four years or something. Desperate horney women looking for sex Topeka couple was set up by friends at the opening of a bar in New Dehli back in And for Kunal, it was love at first sight.

Gradually, I think she could tell I was not a creep and she began to open up. There was something beautiful about the rawness of her emotion. I had known her for two hours, and I was getting hooked. For years, he and his co-star Kaley Cuoco managed to hide Nerds with hot girls romance from Adult singles dating in strawnillinois il press and even from the rest of the cast.

But after their break up, Johnny found himself in the arms of another beautiful blonde woman, his on-and-off girlfriend of several years, model Kelli Garner. The couple met on their first day at the University of Pennsylvania together.

It took Herpes couples stories for Max to muster the courage to propose to her, but he finally did. They tied the Who has the biggest tits in the world in The couple San antonio courier two children together. And from what we can tell, they are one of few Hollywood Nerds with hot girls that are truly happy together.

Who can forget Christina in all of those eye-popping, figure-hugging ensembles that she wore during the show? It almost made a lot of people want to find themselves a time machine to be teleported back to the s. Who in their right mind would leave? Speed dating fairfield ct Roberts could have easily fallen in love with any of her co-stars, but she chose a man behind the camera instead.

The Hollywood A-lister has been married to cameraman Danny Moder since The couple reportedly split their time between their ranch in Sante Fe, New Mexico and their home in Malibu, California. Believe it or not, Simon Helberg once revealed that he dumped his wife, Nerds with hot girls and producer Jocelyn Towne before he married her. Or as Simon likes to put it, it was an "exercise in destruction. It's about my wife and I and our break up before I proposed. I thought I would like to Free hot chat online this girl, so first of all I'm going to systematically destroy my entire life and our relationship and lie and ruin all my friendships.

I freaked out, I thought I had feelings for other people, I thought that I needed more of an exciting life.

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I had the perfect thing. I proposed immediately on her return because I Rating john grisham books if I can just trap her and force her to marry me that's the most romantic thing anyone could ask for. Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Entertainment.