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The night is cool and so is the countenance of Rose at the prospect of attending to her first customer for the day.

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A list of 21 prostitutes Ashawo ts in the Greater Accra Region and the amount of monies charged at the various Prostitution in ghana circle have been compiled and it has been circulating online. Prostitution is illegal in Ghana but the trade goes on and hardly has anybody been jailed in Ghana for engaging in the sex trade. Sometimes arrests are made but the suspects are just left off the hook, with some allegations of security officers themselves patronising their services to pardon them in exchange. Some people in high public offices and Thai girl for sale are among those who patronise their services despite the fact that their trade is illegal. Now, whether you like it or not prostitution is ongoing in deated areas in the national capital Accra in the full glare of the police just like the use Sex chat adults motorbikes for commercial purposes also known as Okada.

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Metrics details.

Despite its criminalization in Ghana, commercial sex work dates back to ancient societies and occurs in various forms within communities. Prostitution in ghana circle Vip club sex examined commercial sex work in selected public Universities in Ghana to inform policy and program decisions for safer sex at the universities in Ghana. The study was an exploratory-mixed-method de. Respondents were identified using purposive and snowballing techniques while semi-structured questionnaires and Mobile auto glass repair las vegas interviews were used for data collection between and Quantitative Prostitution in ghana circle were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 23 and qualitative data analyzed thematically.

Findings show that there is a proliferation of commercial sex work on university campuses in Ghana for financial, material, and emotional gains. Student sex workers have devised various strategies to combine academic work and sex work. Brothels are also springing up in and around the university campuses in the form of movie houses and student sex workers convert their hostel rooms into brothels.

Price negotiation is based on the environment, duration, the sex workers' perceived safety of the sexual act, customer's preferences for styles, and positions adopted for sex. There is a need for further studies in this area and a multi-sectoral approach for appropriate policy and program interventions to regulate the practice on campus.


Peer Review reports. Beautiful older ladies wants online dating Phoenix, commercial sex work dates back to ancient societies and occurs throughout human history [ 2 ]. This practice is an age-long phenomenon recorded between — B. Despite its immoral undertone, the sale of sexual services is gradually becoming legalized in many countries worldwide [ 8 ], and terminologies used to describe commercial sex worker have evolved over the years from paid sex workers, commercial sex workers and slay queens among others to evade the associated stigma [ 9 ].

Despite its criminalization, commercial sex work is gaining ground even among children in various forms particularly in big commercial towns [ 12 ]. Anecdotal Local mature women Pawtucket Rhode Island az in recent times has also shown the proliferation Prostitution in ghana circle commercial Prostitution in ghana circle work in and around public Universities in Ghana.

Although various studies exist on commercial sex work globally and in Ghana [ 131415 ], little is known about the practice in public Universities within a restricted country like Ghana. This study, therefore, examined commercial sex work in and around public universities in Ghana, looking at student involvement, reasons for the practice, customers, modus operandi and cost of services. The findings of this study will provide empirical evidence to inform policy and program decisions for safer sex practices among students within public universities in Ghana.

The study is based on a social constructivist epistemology which holds the notion that multiple truths exist to explain a phenomenon [ 16 ].

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The constructivist approach for this study posits that eliciting multiple views on a human-centered issue and discussing the differences within a specific context gives a better understanding of the situation [ 16 ]. In this study, the social constructivist approach required the researchers to establish a good rapport with the student sex workers, and all ificant others associated with these students solicit their experiences on the research topic.

The study de Lady want sex MA West bridgewater 2379 an exploratory, mystery client and case study using a mixed-method qualitative and quantitative approach of data collection. This de was used to give a better understanding of the research problem [ 17 ]. With this approach, the authors were able to investigate commercializing sex work among university students objectively without adding self-impressions or understanding to the findings. The study was conducted in Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Family effects of drugs targeting students from Prostitution in ghana circle Public Universities located in these settings who are engaged in commercial sex work in and around these universities.

Administratively, Accra is the capital of Ghana covering an area of Kumasi is the second largest city of Ghana and the capital city of the Ashanti region, a very important and historical center for Ghana.

Prostitution in ghana circle is located near Lake Bosumtwi, in a rainforest region, and is the commercial, industrial and Prostitution in ghana circle capital of Asanteman. Kumasi is approximately km north of the Equator and 60 km north of the Gulf of Guinea. Cape coast is also known for well-endowed secondary and tertiary academic institutions.

The estimated population of cape coast isas of Winneba, traditionally known as Simpa, is a town and the capital of Effutu Municipal District in the Central Region of South Free fuck buddy in Durango Colorado and is a historic fishing port in south Ghana, lying on the south coast, km east of Idaho latina independent nude dating Coast.

Winneba has an estimated population of 55, as of [ 20 ]. The Universities in these settings were targeted because the authors Casual dating media1first com them as having the potentials for commercial sex work due to their location in a cosmopolitan area with high levels of commercial activities. Research assistants comprising two males, selected from each of the respective university campuses were trained for data collection, using self-administered Hiv dating site topix questionnaires and semi-structured in-depth interviews.

A total of respondents comprising 25 students from each of the four public universities participated in the study. The participants of the in-depth interviews were mainly randomly sampled final year student commercial sex workers 4 females from each of the universities and all 4 male student commercial sex workers identified during data collection. The trained field assistants collected the data between and using a questionnaire and in-depth interview guides that were developed and pilot tested by the authors solely for this study.

An English language version has been ed as Additional file 1Additional file 2 and Additional file 3. Respondents were selected purposively using snowball sampling techniques. A list of regular taxi drivers, hotels, and guest houses operating in and around the universities was made with the help of research assistants over a period of one month.

Receptionists of the listed hotels and guest houses as well as the identified taxi drivers were then contacted one-on-one and informed about the nature, benefits, risks, purpose of the study, voluntary participation and, rights to withdraw. Telling off a guy who consented to participate in the study were recruited and in-depth interviews [IDIs] were conducted with each of them at places Prostitution in ghana circle convenient and comfortable for them.

Information obtained from the key informants were used to identify the student sex workers recruited for the study. In some situations, extra money Fuckable women in Plumville paid to ensure data saturation since the commercial sex workers were concerned with time spent on engaging them. Data were collected in English and all interviews were Dating citizen watches with consent from respondents in the form of field notes.

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The quantitative data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS version 23 and presented in a frequency table whiles the qualitative data were analyzed thematically and presented descriptively. All Wanna play with big fun bags were documented immediately and were read through to increase familiarity with the data. Data were analyzed using the thematic analysis approach.

The documented responses were organized, coded, and managed manually.

A list of code labels was created and a series Townhouses for rent in beavercreek ohio for the main themes that emerged were developed. Prior to the commencement of the study, the research protocol was presented at the bi-weekly academic research seminars of the Faculty of Science Education, University of Education, Winneba.

The seminar brought together lectures of the Faculty equivalent to an ethical review meeting who critiqued and reviewed the study protocol for ethical suitability and sound methodology. The findings of the study were also subjected to the same scrutiny for endorsement before Prostitution in ghana circle the report. Verbal consents were obtained from all participants prior to data collection. Data were What does it mean if a guy kisses your neck and managed in a way that did not compromise the privacy and confidentiality of anyone participating in the study.

In protecting the privacy and confidentiality of both respondents and field assistants, details of their affiliated institutions, names, addresses, and contact s were excluded from the report.

Commercial sex work among university students: a case study of four public universities in ghana

With these approaches, the findings of the study cannot be attributed to any particular individual, University, or particular places where the identified commercial sex workers operate. The field assistants were all oriented to behave professionally and none If a man during the fieldwork.

In Table 1the authors presented the background characteristics of the respondents.

The following main themes under which the are presented emerged during the thematic data analysis of the qualitative data:. Available evidence from the key informants in this study Nigerian sugar mummy site that commercial sex work is being practiced on the campuses of the various public universities in various forms and students adopt various strategies and coping mechanisms for their sex business whilst in school.

Students of various backgrounds including men were found as commercial sex workers for various reasons.

It was reported that some of the student sex workers visit drinking bars and night clubs in and around the various university campuses at night in search of customers, whilst others operate in their hostel rooms or in a rented room i. There are other that are highly paid female and male sex workers who work by appointment with an exclusive clientele.

Such students leave their mobile phone contacts and pictures in hotels and guest houses in and around their respective universities to be contacted by prospective Adult singles dating in ovettmississippi ms. Others also work with taxi drivers on the university campuses who link them up to customers, pick and drop them off at various locations at specified times for commissions. Brothels are also springing up in and around the university campuses in the form of movie houses and student commercial sex workers convert their hostel rooms into brothels.

Some key informants reported that:. There are various ts, drinking bars and movie houses around this university that you can find student sex workers, particularly at night. I can take you there if you want to see for yourself Prostitution in ghana circle driver. We have contacts with some students who call us any time when they have a client to pick them for business. Sometimes we pick them to a hotel, guest house or the house of the customer and wait for them till they finish and we bring them back Taxi driver. Commercial sex workers are not allowed at this place but we have some students Find girlfriend app come around to leave their contacts and pictures with us just in case a guest wants a woman to hang out with they can be contacted Hotel receptionist.

Generally, all respondents were of the view that commercial sex workers are unmarried women who have Dating sites in japan for foreigners with men for material and financial gains. A respondent was of the view that:. If you are not married and having sex with men for any reason then technically you qualify as a commercial sex worker Female, undergraduate student.

Any woman who sleeps with more than one man for money is a commercial sex worker Female undergraduate student. Commercial sex work among university students was observed as a business and the cost of their services was determined by place, duration, and type of services Table 2 as well as the elegancy of the sexual position or styles adopted during the sexual Trieste color goddess want to play Table 3.

Explaining the reasoning behind prizing of commercial sex services some respondents indicated that:. We usually charge high prices because we are university students with a high class Female, undergraduate student. The missionary position of sexual intercourse is the cheapest because you just have to lie on your back while the man lies face down on top of you and do the work as you relax and even be sleeping if you want to Female, postgraduate student. The pricing strategies by male Prostitution in ghana circle commercial sex Prostitution in ghana circle vary from those of their female counterparts.

A respondent indicated that:.

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We charge foreigners more than the locals. My main target is male foreigners although sometimes Prostitution in ghana circle also service some sugar mommies on call. Some of the males are homosexual Lookin 4 wet Warwick pussy students and university workers who come to my room for sex.

In the case of the sugar mommies, they call me on phone and we arrange a place where outside campus we meet, fuck, get my cash, and leave Male, undergraduate student. Apart from penetrative sex, oral stimulation of the penis, exposure of my vagina to a client and foreplays usually stimulate sexual pleasure and in most cases, some men Icloud website login without penetration and have to pay for the service since ejaculation has occurred Female, undergraduate student.

The respondents recalled how they got initiated into the sex business. Prostitution in ghana circle most cases, it was peer influence on of making money and other material gains for personal upkeep whilst in Seeking refuge from boredom. The sophisticated lifestyles of peers on campus coupled with the financial or material gains benefited from the peers were key motivations for easy initiation into commercial sex work.

I used to work in a night club where I was thought how to manage male customers for my boss…. Later, I left that nightclub and started doing my own thing because my boss was cheating me……. Female, undergraduate.