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I look up friend that Queensryche jet city woman lyrics quotes

The song talks about coming home to family after a long road trip. It was written about Geoff Tate's first wife, who was a flight attendant.

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Lyrics Artists add. Every time I leave you say you won't be there And you're always there Every time I Queensryche jet city woman lyrics your name at night You pull close and say it's alright I look in your eyes, just like the rain Washing me, rain wash over me Touching your face, I feel the heat of your heartbeat Echo in my head like a scream What you do to Swingers of golden valley az.

Swinging. Waited so long I can't wait another day without you Jet city woman It's a long way, home to my Jet city woman I see Montego bay panama city beach florida face everywhere, can't get her out of my mind Whenever I'm alone I'm thinking There's a part missing from my life Wonder where I'd be without your love Holding me together now I'm Watching the time tick, tick away Face grows longer every day Fortunes are lost on the women I've seen But without you I can't breathe, you're the air to me!

Waited so long I can't wait another day without you? Jet city woman got to find my way home to her Jet city woman I see her face everywhere I look! Jet city woman Woman wants nsa Argyle Wisconsin a thousand miles and I'll be there Jet city woman, to make the Queensryche jet city woman lyrics go away Time for some blue sky!

Waited so long now the plane's delayed an hour Reminds me of all our days apart Hold on, just a little longer Jet city woman Wonder where I'd be, you're the air to me Jet city woman Eyes like the rain, rain down on me Jet city woman No more nights alone I'm almost home now Jet city woman Close my eyes, I'm there in my jet city, jet city Edit Lyrics.

Jet City Woman song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 9 Comments. General Comment It's about being away on the road and having a girl back home I guess, I dunno, Tate is a wondeful song writer Black guy dating profile probably more complex than that.

Great riffs, and a awesome opening fill. And Tates vocals This guy has probably the most impressive range in metal, the man can sing.

Muzzy on April 09, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment Seattle is the Jet City.

See wiki for that one. The song is about being away from his wife or girlfriend. I actually thought it could be about a woman he had in a certain city; a mistress it is Peoria slut needs cock to get away to, but given the band is from Seattle, it would also make sense if his wife were the Jet City Woman.

I've spent the past 6 years jetting around Asia and can totally relate. Exotic locations and 5-star hotels and all you want to do is get back to someone.

Mindcrimewithin on March 17, General Comment WTF does this song mean? Its a bad ass song, you got to love the gutair, I play the air guitar side by side with this guy! Awesome fucking song! WhiteMagic on May 08, Link. General Comment Actually, at the last performance Ryche had at the Moore in Seattle, Geoff Tate said that this song was specifically about his wife, his travels when on the road and how much he Buy dating profiles database uk to return home to her while touring.

Missing lyrics by queensr├┐che?

HazardPS on June Click dating stratford, Link. General Comment This song gives me chills and makes me want Koolaid. My favorite flavor is red. TheDiggleEffect on May 15, Link.

General Comment I too love Koolaid, but what the fuck? And if you are reading this inI'm from the future!

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Advice: stay there, sucks! Elpoke on June 13, General Comment I find this comment above hilarious "I've spent the past 6 years jetting around Asia and can totally relate. Exotic locations and 5-star hotels and all you want to do is get back to someone". Wow we're so impressed by your peacocking. Im sure if you had the money to stay in 5-star hotels and "jet around" for 6 years you might just find a couple of bucks for a flight back home pal!!!!! General Comment "Jet Nsa adult sex Hueytown va is what Queensryche call Seattle, they always say that at their shows.

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