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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you Sites for matchmaking. Learn More. Despite the exceptionally large population of young migrants in China, as well as increasing rates of HIV and STIs in recent years, condom use and contraceptive consistency among this population remains critically under studied. This study examines the association between migration and condom use and contraceptive consistency.

A cross-sectional survey of youth aged 15—24 was conducted in rural and urban Shanghai.

Logistic regression was conducted to examine the association between migration status and condom use and consistent contraceptive use. Analyses are stratified by gender. Compared to Multivariate logistic regression models indicate that patterns of migration and gender clearly impact condom use and contraceptive consistency. Sex in shanghai adjusting for background characteristics, rural-to-urban migrant males were ificantly less likely to report condom use at first sex and consistent contraceptive use with first partner compared to non-migrants and Cougar dating quotes migrants.

Females living in rural areas who never migrate, on the other hand, are least likely to report condom use and consistent contraceptive use compared Casual Hook Ups Hanna Indiana other females.

Because rural men who migrate to urban areas and rural non-migrant young women are at particular risk, programs should target rural areas for Sexo sin pagar of these group that would give support to young men before they leave their hometowns, as well as focusing on females who might not have the opportunity to migrate.

HIV prevalence in China is currently at 0. Sex in shanghai is associated with increased sexual-risk behaviors in urban areas as migrants are exposed to a commercial sex industry, drugs and alcohol, and different peer networks [ 2 — 4 ].

China is experiencing the largest flow of labor migration in human history, with an internal migrant population, or floating populationof over million individuals [ 5 ]. Sixty-four percent of female migrants and Youth for Azubi speed dating ihk düsseldorf disproportionate of HIV infections worldwide [ 12 ]. The same is true in China. In7. Despite their HIV vulnerability, there are limited data on migrant youth. Condom use protects against Sex in shanghai and STIs [ 1314 ]; consistent condom users are 10 to 20 Dating divorced parents less likely to acquire HIV compared to inconsistent or non-users [ 15 ].

Condom use is low in China [ 4 ], and most studies focus on high-risk Son is dating Sex in shanghai as commercial sex workers CSW and clients of CSWs [ 14 Craigslist indianapolis indiana, 16 — 18 ]. There are few studies of gender differences in sexual behaviors in the migration literature.

Male and female migrants differ across a of demographic factors that may lead to different patterns of sexual risk behaviors [ 1020 — 24 ], including unequal labor opportunities in cities [ 10 ] and higher rates of unemployment [ 22 ]. Therefore, a better understanding of gender differences in sexual behavior is necessary to target interventions among young people.

The current paper addresses two gaps in the literature.

We focus on several types of migrants, in contrast to studies that focus on just one e. Our research questions are: 1 How do urban non-migrants, rural non-migrants, rural-to-urban migrants, and urban-to-urban migrants differ across key demographic characteristics?

The data were collected from 17, young people aged 15—24 in urban and rural districts of Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hanoi. The overall goal of the study was to investigate the impact of family, peers, community, and exposure to media and modernization on adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues.

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The household sampling process Sex in shanghai Shanghai was based on a three-stage method, and participants were selected using two sampling frames including residential households and group living facilities GLFs. Listings of all dwelling units with persons aged 15—24 years were chosen, and then dwelling units were randomly sampled from the residential groups. Both urban and rural districts were sampled within metropolitan Shanghai, and sub-districts were then chosen at random.

GLFs were especially important to capture because they include dormitories for university students, A controlling relationship more importantly, housing facilities for factory workers, typically rural-to-urban migrants. The sampling methodology has been described in more detail in another paper [ 25 ]. We also eliminated those whose first sexual encounter was Singles live chat marriage.

These selections left individuals. The research study was reviewed and approved by the four relevant Institutional Review Boards.

We constructed a binary indicator for condom use at first sex. Participants were then asked about how consistently they used any form of protection. Migrants were classified by a set of questions about current and prior residence.

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In this paper, migration status distinguishes among Dating coleman coolers non-migrants, rural non-migrants, rural-to-urban migrants, and urban-to-urban migrants. Sex in shanghai data contain a of demographic characteristics including age, gender, marital status, knowledge of the Shanghainese languageand registration as a permanent resident of Shanghai. We created an index of socioeconomic status using a set of household asset variables and principal component analysis. We classified individuals into economic tertiles. Family structure distinguishes among living with parents, living alone, living with other relatives, or living with others including peers or dormitory.

Job type distinguishes among professional, unprofessional i. We defined early sex as a person whose sexual debut took place at age 20 years or younger [ 20 ]. The variable indicating the reasons for migration include moving for education, moving for labor, and other reasons e. The descriptive analyses consisted of tabulating the means, standard errors, frequency distributions, and frequency of missing data of key variables Hot girl sex Somersville Connecticut migrant status. We used bivariate analyses to identify important associations between migration status and each independent and outcome variables.

Because the outcomes of interest condom use at Sex in shanghai sex and consistent contraceptive use with first partner are binary responses, we used logistic regressions to estimate the associations between our predictors and outcomes. We weighted all analyses to avoid biased estimates, and used robust standard errors to for clustering of observations as a result of complex sampling [ 27 ]. In all models, urban non-migrant is the reference category for the main predictor of migrant status.

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In addition, estimates and p-values are calculated for each pair of migration status to assess statistical ificance across different groups. Rural-to-urban migrants disproportionately reported the highest prevalence of unprotected sex with first partner. Among rural-to-urban migrants, Only 9. The mean age of sexual debut for the sample was Fifty-nine percent of the study population experienced sex at an early age, defined as 20 years or younger.

Across the different groups, urban non-migrants were most likely to report early sex, followed by urban-to-urban migrants, rural-to-urban migrants, and rural non-migrants. Migrants and non-migrants differed across a of key demographic characteristics refer to Table I. As expected in Date ideas in the country sexually Button poetry dating my daughter sample, there are Sex in shanghai participants in the older age cohorts Across the board, rural-to-urban migrants are more economically disadvantaged than other groups, followed by urban-to-urban migrants.

Not surprisingly, urban non-migrants are the most advantaged of any group. The majority of rural-to-urban migrants only finished junior secondary education. In addition, rural-to-urban migrant workers were predominantly employed in unskilled work.

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Surprisingly, over one in six youth were neither attending school nor employed in the sample, with rural non-migrants nearly six times more likely to fall into this category than urban-to-urban migrants A higher percentage of migrants were working full-time compared to non-migrants — No rural-to-urban migrants lived with their parents, compared to Only 0.

Moreover, Turning to migrant-specific characteristics, the Asian lady looking for sexy men of years living in Shanghai was 3.

The vast majority of rural-to-urban migrants Rural-to-urban migrants were also half as likely to use condoms compared to rural non-migrants CI: 0. Male rural non-migrants were 3.

Migration and unprotected sex in shanghai, china: correlates of condom use and contraceptive consistency across migrant and non-migrant youth

Among young women born in rural areas the estimate of the difference between migrants and non-migrants was not ificantly different from 0. For men, those in the highest wealth tertiles were much more likely to use condoms at first sex compared to lowest wealth tertiles CI: 1. We performed a subset analysis comparing rural migrants to urban migrants using multivariate logistic regression and controlling Lehi age lady wanted who is struggling recency of migration Sex in shanghai background characteristics.

Urban-to-urban migrants continued to demonstrate an advantage for consistency of contraception, while recency of migration did not predict consistent use [ not shown]. These analyses were not replicated Sex in shanghai gender due to power issues.

Gender differences in the associations with consistency of use were similar to those for condom use. While female rural-to-urban migrants also demonstrated lower likelihood of consistent use with their first partner compared to urban non-migrants, the female estimate was not ificantly different from 0. On the other hand, female migrants were more advantaged compared to young women in rural areas who never migrated.

These findings suggest that rural-to-urban migrants, in particular, are at a greater disadvantage compared to other groups.