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So here are a few ideas for… conversation starters. Trust me, Online facebook login he re these the rest will be easy, sis, just go with the flow. I was so bored at work, so I started fantasizing about what it would be like if you kidnapped me.

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What a full weekend I had. There were boys everywhere. After an exceptionally fun evening of speed-dating with the nerdsI decided to get in touch with the man who organized and MC-ed the whole event, one Matt Wasowskia.

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Anyway, I asked Matt if he had any special advice Adult looking hot sex Carlton Texas how to flirt with the nerds Here's how our conversation went. What's your definition of a nerd? The word applies to anyone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about one particular thing. The title isn't exclusively reserved for scientists and Trekkies. For instance, take the world's sexiest rock-star drummer, like a Tommy Lee. If he's able to spend 45 minutes explaining the different ways to tune a snare drum, then he's a nerd, too, on top of being a rock star.

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In some way. We all have oodles of insecurities about our strange quirks, and we're all dying to find that special someone who will find those quirks interesting. I can certainly be somewhat nerdy about books and movies and indie rock — I guess. In fact, I was once dating a nerd, and he asked me whether I was cool or nerdy How to make your ex cry high school.

The fact that he was having a hard time figuring it out was, in its own weird way, a compliment. I made him guess — and finally, he went with "nerd.

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What's best when you're trying to woo a nerd? MATT: I've never met any male who didn't like being sought out by a lass. Fellas are so accustomed to making first move after first move, that it's both refreshing and flattering to be sought.

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As long as the woman isn't too aggressive, she is gonna get a date 9 times out of MATT: A male nerd is just as likely to make a first move as any other dude. The key difference, however, when it comes to nerds, is that you may not recognize what he's doing as making a move. For example, if a hunger policy expert comes over and, out of the blue, starts telling you about food insecurity issues in rural Texas, he's probably hitting on Hook up kiss goodbye — but just doing it very poorly.

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MAURA: If a nerd Hot housewives want casual sex Broken Arrow Oklahoma make the first move on you, should you be extra-careful about how you respond — so as not to scare him away, set off some kind of dork-tastic panic attack, etc.? MATT: Simply express interest in his nerdy interests. A true nerd wants someone to be interested in his area of expertise. He will talk about it ad nauseam if presented with a willing and enthusiastic audience — particularly a female one.

And of course, I think all of us are suckers for a good listener. We Mangos kiel speed dating want to think we're captivating. It's a winning flirtation technique any way you cut it. If a nerd goes out with a coiffed, perfectly tan Barbie doll, he'll probably become bored albeit extremely horny within a few minutes.

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He might even sabotage the date to find more engrossing company — whereas other guys will patiently listen to her Backpage sydney australia of nail polish and shopping in the hopes of getting into her pants. The nerd will end the date and simply take matters into his own hands, an act with which he's comfortable and familiar. MAURA: If a nerd comes over to flirt with you, and the conversation just feels alarmingly nerdy — like, he's talking about the table of elements, or about a comic book convention he recently went to, or something — is there a way to help snap him out of it?

MATT: Just tell him you're Hot friends wife nerd too and share a story about how you were a smart little kid or Granny free sex chat lines name 65 different handbag deers. He'll be instantly sidetracked from his own tales of nerdom and attracted to your own dorky pursuits.

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MATT: On a side note, however, if you ever want to "cure" him of his nerdery, that's a bad. Don't feel obligated to end his obsession with, say, bird genetics; that would probably affect his entire personality. You have to love a nerd for who A horny man is, if you're gonna love him at all.

MAURA: If you want to attract a nerd, are there certain topics of conversation that will make his ears perk up? MATT: Just tell him you have nerdy tendencies too.

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It's amazing how many guys will snap to attention if you share your own nerdy obsessions. Few things are more endearing.

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MATT: He actually notices he's rambling on about the neurology behind toxoplasmosis, for instance, and stops himself, saying, "But enough about zombies. Would you like another glass of wine?

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Maura Kelly blogs daily about her dating life at marieclaire. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Whatever Happened to Archewell Audio?

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Clint Hild. MATT: Nah, don't be shy. Be calm and confident.

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