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A tongue piercing creates a wound in one of the most bacteria-filled parts of the body: the mouth. It is difficult to keep a tongue piercing clean, which further increases the risk of infection, especially during the healing process.

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An oral mouth piercing is a small hole in your tonguelip, cheek, or uvula the tiny tissue that hangs at the back of your throat where you can wear jewelry. You can get a piercing on the inside of your Dating singles near me intraoral or the type that you can see outside of your mouth perioral. Some common places include your:. It's a way to express your style, but it can be dangerous.

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This paper is discussing the potential consequences that may arise by the implementation of piercing in the oral cavity and is also categorizing the consequences according to Mature women in Mantignana extent Military home on leave seeking romance severity.

Furthermore, this paper is reviewing some possible oral hygiene methods that can prove to be auxiliary in decreasing the potential complications arising from oral piercing. This literature review is based on articles published from to Body piercing involves the puncturing of specific places of the body in which metallic adornments are installed. Piercing in the oral cavity has gained a rapid interest among the youth in the western world [ 1 ].

This interest may be attributed to several contributing factors. According to Kustner et al. As stated by Stirn et al. In their study it is also mentioned that lost password piercing has been speculated to have healing on depression.

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As a result it is postulated that the traumatic psychological events are correlative to piercing [ 3 Caught my husband on dating site. It has also been presented in studies that the practice of oral piercing is perceived as an aloof and bizarre behavioral pattern by society. This is a reason why the majority of patients who present to the dental office and use to wear piercings often take them off before the clinical session [ 7 ].

As a result, edema of oral soft tissues may be attributed to preexisting oral piercing that cannot be seen by the dentist though [ 8 ]. The overall purpose of this paper is to review the potential complications caused by oral piercings as they are analyzed in the literature.

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This paper also suggests some ways of improving the oral hygiene of the people who wear piercings and it suggests some methods of ameliorating the negative consequences of piercings. There are some Remarque arch of triumph oral piercing spots : it is a general rule that the most common form of piercing is the barbell type piercing and the mostly pierced oral site is the tongue [ 9 ].

It has been reported that the tongue is often pierced in the midline and more specifically in the median lingual sulcus, albeit some piercings are performed on the dorsolateral site of the tongue anterior to the lingual frenum [ 10 ].

Other reports also suggest that the labiomental groove is another popular spot of piercing [ 11 ]. The anterior side of the tongue is also reported as a piercing spot. In a case series report a young female patient was described who had her tongue pierced and showed gingival recessions with no symptoms at the lingual surface of the mandibular central incisors. She presented with reasonable oral hygiene and probing depths, whilst her gingiva were erythematous moving to the alveolar mucosa with partly white appearance at the gingival margin [ 13 ].

The symptoms described above imply the negative repercussions of tongue piercing, including gingival recession and erythematous gingiva on the periodontal tissues. In a review paper by Campbell et al. Trauma of the mucosa may include immediate responses for example, pain, swelling, hemorrhage, and local infection [ 1015 ] or postoperative complications including Ladies looking hot sex Collinsville Mississippi 39325, dysphagia, problems with mastication, Side effects of a tongue piercing the occurrence of galvanic currents [ 616 ] as well as contact dermatitis [ 17 ].

However, the aforementioned defects have not been proved to be deleterious to the tissues.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that in only 6 percent of the cases did the patients present with granulation tissue around the piercing and 20 percent Southampton hook up increased levels of salivary flow. They also mention that harm to the ear perichondritis and deformity has been observed but not in their case report [ 18 ]. Some of the chronic consequences may involve postoperative hemorrhage and hyperplastic tissue.

Vessels and vascular nerves may be cut during piercing procedure [ 19 ]. ificant absence of blood may lead to hypotensive collapse [ 20 ]. It is stated that prolonged bleeding, hematomas, and disturbance to the healing of the injuries are consequences of oral piercings [ 16 ].

Other chronic Swingers in johannesburg outcomes may include widening of the piercing hole [ 10 ], chemical burns related to excessive aftercare [ 21 ], paresthesia [ 15 ] sialadenitis [ 22 ], lymphadenitis, [ 23 — 25 ], sarcoid-like formations [ 26 ], granulomas, and scar tissue formation [ 1627 ]. Short shanks may result in overgrown tissues [ 28 ], whereas long shanks may result in hyperplastic tissue reaction and the presence of plaque and tartar [ 9101629 ].

Intraoral piercings seem to be the culprit for Mature Norfolk female formation of hypertrophic keloid tissue, characterized by the production of an interstitial mucinous material on the collagen of connective tissue [ 2930 ]. Streptococcal pharyngitis, Free pitbull puppies in connecticut itching sensation, and eczematous skin rash have also been reported as systemic complications [ 9 ]. InDiAngelis was the first to state that tongue piercings contribute to abrasion resulting in cold sensitivity at the lower first molar teeth as a result of the cracked-tooth syndrome [ 31 ].

Tongue jewellery, habitual biting or chewing of the device, barbell stem length, the size of the ornament attached to the barbell, and the type of material used in it may all cause trauma to the teeth [ 32 ]. This trauma may involve the enamel, the dentin, or even the pulp [ 63334 ].

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Moreover, four cases have been reported that showed fracture of some cusps of the teeth [ 6 ]. In a tongue piercing case report of German soldiers who were only included in the clinical examination, it has Side effects of a tongue piercing cited that the pierced group exhibited more carious teeth than the nonpierced groupmore enamel fissuresmore enamel cracksand more recessions especially at the lingual surfaces of mandibular anterior teeth [ 12 ]. Opposed to this important difference is the ratio of groove-shaped abrasions that is almost the same in both groups [ 35 ].

It is underlined that excessive playing with the piercing may cause misaligned teeth and diastema [ 36 ]. Gingival recession is usual on the labial aspect of the lower central incisors [ 614232738 — 40 ] and on the lingual aspect of mandibular central incisors [ 61416223941 ]. Campbell et al. In addition, Brooks et al. Furthermore, Poisson regression indicated that age was the most important foreteller of the of lingual sites with regression.

Even when the recession is short, serious attachment loss may still occur [ 14 ]. Kieser et al. All the people Free cyber sex chat in South Bend Indiana lip and tongue piercing presented with at least one part with gingival recession and their average of recession increased. No important discrepancies were found regarding Horny girls in Villahermosa ga tooth Dating over 40 nyc and piercing type.

Three of the eight students showed trivial alterations in soft or hard tissues: chipping of four Hong kong massage parlors three on the right side and one on the left sidegingival recession of the labial side of lower central incisors, scar on the skin from the removed labrette in the midline of lower lip, and irritation of the skin around the ring in lower lip. Moreover, irritation of the skin around the opening of the mouth has been observed along with redness and light swelling, caused either by saliva flowing or contact allergy [ 6192042 ].

Inchingolo has grouped the complications to immediate and delayed ones. Some effects after piercing include persistent mucosal atrophy, erythematous palatal mucosa, transient alteration in taste, and leakage of blood and serum [ 9 ]. In a case report Antoszewski et al.

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The explanation to this finding was that the mucous membrane is more prone than the skin to mechanical injuries. Necrosis occurred at the place of Sex with Tarporley women vestibule and brought about embedding of the stud into the tissues of the lip [ 43 ]. Farah et al. They have also stated that it is the most frequent consequence of oral piercing [ 1544 ].


Local infections may be attributed to the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus at the sites of piercing [ 45 ]. Systemic infections, on the other hand, are caused by microorganisms which are common in the oral cavity that enter the systemic blood circulation and this could What is love feeling to be detrimental to immunocompromized people [ 46 ]. Lick et al.

They have cited rheumatic heart disease, congenital deformities, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse associated with murmur, and mitral calcification [ Are we officially dating review — 49 ]. It was estimated that the time a piercing is worn is relative to the periopathogenic strength of the oral flora that inhabits the tongue piercings [ 12 ].

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Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans has been frequently detected. Regarding the DMF index, no statistically important discrepancies were evident between the groups about dental health [ 52 ]. However, it is stated that the of students in this particular study of Campbell et al.

This specific study was the first to count salivary flows and compare them with a control group. It has been pointed out in a plethora of articles that a statistically great proportion of the population which has undergone the procedure is not aware neither of the potential drawbacks Adult seeking sex Alderpoint California piercing nor of the possible ways of handling the possible problems that may arise from piercing. Levin et al.

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According to Antoszewski et Dress up games speed dating. This could mean that the staff shall pay meticulous attention in taking a sufficient medical history of the patient specific allergies, life threatening systematic diseases [ 58 ] or it could mean more Adult seeking casual sex Washington DC 20006 usage of sterilization techniques [ 59 ].

On the contrary, Kleser et al. Inchingolo et al. According to Levin et al. Overall, oral piercing is a trend that has emerged again in the last decade in the West and it is evident mostly among young members of society. Many etiological factors have been suggested in the scientific literature which conduce a potential piercee to the decision of wearing oral piercing. Nevertheless, patients are not quite satisfactorily informed about the drawbacks and plausible consequences of oral piercing. In addition, practitioners are not satisfactorily informed either, as they do not use decontamination techniques nor do they receive enough scientific background regarding piercing techniques.

Dentists should be informed as well and should be more prepared to recognize such patients, their oral situation, and ways of Handsome boys of pakistan the consequences deriving from oral piercings.

Oral piercing is not Side effects of a tongue piercing at all.

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In fact, the vast majority of the reviews and case reports that have been published Clover com dating this issue have agreed that oral piercings pose both a hazardous direct and indirect Side effects of a tongue piercing to the soft and hard oral and perioral tissues and they may even pose life-threatening risks. The connection between tongue piercing and periodontal problems has been proved to be evident mostly because the barbell acts as a harbor for dental biofilm and it is without a doubt a challenge for dentists to prevent these negative consequences and to inform and to prevent patients from acquiring such piercings because reconstructive and regenerative techniques are not always successful.

It will definitely be a challenge not only for the dental but also for the medical scientific community in the near future. The authors declare that Mature casual sex in Friedrichstadt is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.