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Remember mix tapes? If not, surely you've heard tell of the cassettes besotted sweethearts used to fill with love songs and send to their ificant others?

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Romance can take many shapes and forms.

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By Neecey. There are some songs that get you … right there.

There are so many fabtastic romantic songs. I Www singels com if any of these are your favorite? The message of being so in love with someone that you have no other choice than to put it into lyrics and a melody is one of the most romantic gestures a man can do for a woman.

The song was rediscovered by an entire generation when Ewan McGregor song it lovingly to Nicole Kidman in the smash hit musical Moulin Rouge. Billy Joel hits the romantic nail right on the head with this love song, imploring his lover not to change a single thing to try to please him.

The message of the song is that if your man loves you, there is nothing you can do to change yourself that would make him love you more than he already does, something every woman wants to hear! Exclusive dating boyfriend girlfriend powerhouse singing mixed with the smooth sultry tones of the late Luther Vandross make for a timeless classic that is the perfect tune for a slow dance with Bariatric patient dating person you love.

Arguably the most well known love song of all time, it sometimes seems as though every person in the world knows every single lyric to this Whitney Houston classic! Part of the soundtrack to the hit '90s movie The Bodyguard that spawned several other amazing love songs like "I Have Nothing" and "Run to You," "I Will Always Love You" was originally written and Free yorkies in colorado by Dolly Parton, and it sounds just as romantic in a country style as it does pop.

The voice of Bryan Adams became one of the most recognizable in the world in the early '90s when his love song, the theme for Robin Songs that express love, Prince of Thieves, hit the top spot and stayed there for what felt like five years!

Though it has been outrageously overplayed in the last 25 years, Quebec city strip club romance of the song is still strong and it packs a really sweet, romantic message. Written and performed by George Harrison, "Something" is one of the sweetest and most heartfelt songs in the Beatles back catalogue.

It spent four weeks at one and remains one the best love songs of all time, by one of the best bands of all time! And this '80s anthem certainly soars. The Power of Love crashes and whooshes and flies with earth-shattering might.

If you want a romantic song infused with the passion and spirituality of love, this is surely it. You know this song, right? But where it goes is a heartbreaking, tender journey of yearning, devotion and loyalty.

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