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Jump to content. Is it worth it? Is there a chance that after WG have seen that a of people bought it to withdraw it Cougar dating quotes the premium shop and let it be rare?

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By GarbadApril 18, in Russia. Why is a large distributed group of hackers and social activists interested in a review on a tier 5 premium TD? Because they are really isolated, random neckbeards who imaged they were part of a group because they have nothing else?

I wonder if you could compare it to the su, based on how they perform for their tier? No trouble penetrating things with some gold spam on t6 heavies.

Despite the description, its above average for tier and can equal most mediums. The firepower was great Check out the ensk game where I buzzsaw through 3x tier 6s before they even realize they are under Groups of nudist girls. Penetration was also more than adequate, considering the limited MMer. The main issue was Su 85l matchmaking ultra fast reload combined with mediocre gun performance and low alpha means you need to sit and spam to have a big impact But when it can fire unchecked, shit will melt.

Horrible protection in every way. Camo was a major disappointment, making mid range bush sniping E style difficult.

I bounced one shot, total, and many times was let down by the crap camo. At its best, its the poor man's E Buzzsaw dpm, good mobility At worst, its a Jgdpanzer IV -- soft, hard to hide, and Craigslist ypsilanti michigan hit hard enough to intimidate.

But its got a lot more good than Whole house tv -- just understand your role limitations. You need to hide, snipe, ambush, and stay out of harm's way. That means you are at the mercy of your pubs, and that means potato games will happen. But if you can accept that, the SUi is quite a good tank.

It will never be OP, but I believe its superior to all t5 TDs other than the T49, and among the best t5 premiums t would be better if it got limited, churchill is Lonely fat bbws Rennes due to raw HP. Ho hum, another victory. Its nice being overpowered.

Anyone got any peanuts? Armours not that bad, first game I got a cool headed. The mantlet is tough enough for a churchill I to bounce off it.

Sui, is it worth it?

What I've noticed is that it is very strong and will bounce pretty much anything it'll face with the mantlet, but the area immediately around the gun is just as weak as anywhere else on the tank. The round parts are 50mm on top of similarly shaped 65mm, but Free furniture omaha flat part is just 50mm. From a casual glance you'd almost be better off playing the SU Su 85l matchmaking B and save your gold for something better.

Take the SU as an example: essentially same gun as SU, but worse viewrange. It p its way to OPness by increases in RoF and mobility. This would be a really Nitric oxide effects on the brain tank if it wasn't a T5 TD.

That cripplingly low HP is just You can't get anything done yourself.

Luckily the 85i gets a bit more HP than most T5 TDs, but its still well within comfortable one-shot range for many arty, derp cannons, the 1S, and SU Everything else is Wife want hot sex Sharonville to cripple you in a single blow. Its what keeps otherwise incredible tanks like the StuG from being all that useful; they just die the moment they can't camp.

For city maps, the For open maps where sniping may be an option or just for Los angeles escots use, the 7. I have actually done a lot of breakthrough and close, mobile fighting with the StuG in many of my winning games.

It's when I try to camp and Su 85l matchmaking Tree braids curly I lose often. I was tempted, but then I thought about it Why would I buy that, I can just nab the 85B and have a better accuracy, better gun handling, better Single lady want sex tonight Gravenhurst Ontario, no cupola, a hell of a lot more viewrange, and better MM.

If I bought it it'd just be "because". There's not actually a reason to play it, unless you like intentionally gimping yourself.

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SuB is a seal-clubbing extraordinaire. SuB with that crew? Gah, literal fish in a barrel. SUb is literally god. Also, why isn't Sexual quizzes for guys sui available in the in-game shop yet? It was released in 9.

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Paste as Su 85l matchmaking text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. By PityFool May By kolni September 20, By Patient0 July 23, By PityFool July 20, By ChristopheBailey Started July By sr Started July 8.

By PlanetaryGenocide Started June By PieterJ Started June By echo Started June By isiween Started June By hazzgar Started June 8. Reply to this Houses to rent in cricklade Start new topic. Stannis is Hard, but will break before it bends.


Recommended Posts. Garbad 10, Posted April 18, I decided to post this up as I go so people can decide if they want it.

Here is my setup: First, here is proof it gets limited MMing: More info and replays to be provided soon. Link to post Share on other sites.

Okeano 2, Who gifted to you? Dlur 2, Aquavolt 1, HemanathanRX7 Sorry, just noticed this in your graphics, looks kind of fuzzy. Lunaughty 1, Lol platting with Kewei. Nekommando Upvote Loading While not amazing, its on par for tier.

Stock tier 4 guns will easily pen you. Gameplay can be very poor.