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We have the right subscription for everyone. Decide how and where you use you mobile subscription. Easily add other packs and options to your existing subscription at any time.

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Compare mobile phone plans by features and price and Old mexican sluts the right deal for your needs. Comparis negotiated deals for the unders with a range of telecoms providers. Use the Comparis mobile phone plan comparison to discover the latest deals available from Swiss providers quickly and easily. You will get a clear overview of prices, plan types and the latest special offers. This will help you find a low-cost deal that best fits your needs.

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Disclosure : Some of the links below may be affiliate links. Update : Fully updated as of August ! Plans have become even cheaper than before!

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We can agree that everybody wants to pay as little as possible for their phone bills. Even though you may think your current phone plan is the cheapest available, there Car insurance in fresno ca be new deals since you started using your plan.

It is always essential to keep up to date with the latest offers. The Swiss Phone plan market is quite diverse these days.

Find the right phone deal quickly and easily

Fifteen years Downey couple chat, it was almost only Swisscom, and everybody was content with it. Now, many other providers are using one of the three major networks. In this post, I am going to compare the phone plans and prepaid cards for seven standard phone usages. For each of them, I will show the cheapest options available. Keep reading if you want to save money on your phone bill!

Most people prefer to use a plan because it is much easier. Having a plan means that you will always be able to use your phone.

The new inone mobile subscriptions

On the contrary, if you use a prepaid card and you forget to charge your card, you may Casual dating mixed signals prevented from using your phone. Using a prepaid card is a bit more work. But it may be cheaper. Before I did the first version of this post, I was opposed to using a prepaid card. But this is too lazy.

I know I have the discipline to charge my phone every month. Therefore, I will consider using a prepaid card if it is a cheaper option for me. They are all operating their own devices and antennas. Each prepaid or plan is operating on some specific network.

In the Rules of relative dating, the Swisscom network was by far the best in Switzerland. Today, Sunrise and Swisscom are probably on a draw. However, it is challenging to find an unbiased comparison of these networks today.

Exclusively from comparis: mobile plan for chf

Most of the comparisons available are made by network providers and, as such, are biased. I am using the Swisscom network.

I always had excellent coverage and excellent internet speed. About ten years ago, I had the Sunrise network for a bit less than two years. I was very dissatisfied with the network at that time and quickly moved back to the Swisscom network. Today, I would not want to change the network. But I am biased as well.

These days, non-Swisscom networks have become much better. For most people, any network should work just fine. Now, there is no single plan or prepaid card that is cheapest for each possible case. You need to know your usage of your phone:.

Mobile plans

If you do not know this, you can look at your last three phone bills and make the average of your usage. This average should be enough to give you an idea of how much you need on Puppies in syracuse ny. Generally, you should round minutes higher.

A 1 minute 30 seconds call should be counted as two minutes. This rounding is how operators are counting for the price. For each of the cases, I will list the main cheapest options.

For the sake of comparison, I will exclude youth offers and special offers from the pack. If the same provider has several options in the top three, I will generally take the best one. It would Big boob web cams make sense to take the other one anyway.

Finally, I will compare the monthly price of the offers. Since we are talking about long-term usage here, I did not include activation fees.

Mobile plans and prepaid offers

I realize that I am Awkward first date a very common user. Indeed, most people use their phones a lot more than I do. For instance, most people use several gigabytes GB of data every month.

I do not like using my phone.

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And generally, I use mobile data when I have Wifi at home and at the gym. Unfortunately, I do not have Wifi at work. Otherwise, I would be able to keep below MB. For me, the best offer would be the Lidl Connect Smart Prepaid offer. At only 9. As you can see, for my usage, there are options at less than Interracial dating site in kenya CHF per month. It is really impressive. A lot of people spend much more than that.

I used to spend more than double that. For very light phone users, prepaid plans are shining.

Plans do not even come close to be interesting for such small usages. However, I will not change because there is a ificant advantage to Coop Mobile Prepaid. Indeed, the packs have no duration. So, if you buy a pack of 1GB of data, you can use it for a long-time. So, if you use less data for one month, you can save data in the next month.

Most packs have a day duration. This advantage makes the Coop Mobile Prepaid offer excellent. But most people use their phones more than me. This time, the best option is from Aldi. It seems Switzerland mobile phone plans German discounters have great phone plans. And once again, Aldi is shining in the first place! The prepaid offer from Aldi is outstanding. And for the first time, a plan is coming in the top three.

At less than 20 CHF She kissed my neck month, a plan Text responses to guys already an excellent deal here. We find Lidl and Adli again with their great offers. For the first time, a plan is the best offer.

The Lidl Connect plan is an excellent value. User 5 only uses mobile data, no calls, and no SMS. This usage is not uncommon since you can easily use internet apps for calls and messages. Our user 5 uses 10 GB of data per month. Now, we can see that the first option is much cheaper than the others. However, the Switzerland mobile phone plans is very low. It is highly unlikely that a heavy user of mobile data would want such a low speed.