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The film investigates the theory that the addition of fluoride to our drinking water is not as beneficial to dental health as originally thought, and Caroline wozniacki dating 2015 in fact be one of the causes of a co

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It has been referred to as an American Stonehenge. The person or group that paid for its construction is a mystery. Inscribed on its stones are ten commandments, written in twelve languages, for what it describes as an Age of Reason.

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Many believe it is an agenda for the New World Order. It is being Alaska mobile homes through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe — chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. This message can no longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory.

The facts are in plain view. This documentary is the first of a three-part series. It shows how additives to our drinking water, such as fluoride, supposedly to combat tooth decay, in reality are covert doses of death.

It also shows how you can protect yourself and your family. Please help us get the word out! Share these new banners on your site!

The official blog of 'the great culling' documentary series

Sorry for the wait. When I heard about this problem, I realized that the only way to raise that kind of money is to present the case to those who are motivated to get the truth out to the rest of the world, so I offered to repeat the same fund-raising appeal we made two years ago with the release of What in the World Are Love the poor bible verse Sprayingthe powerful documentary that launched the present global awareness of chemtrails.

Incidentally, the technical director and co-producer of The Great Culling is none other than Paul Wittenberger, who served in that Dating mobile in Kintnersville Pennsylvania capacity with What in the World Are They Spraying — so you know that the production dynamics of this new program will be top notch. I urge you to help Paul and his co-producer, Chris Maple, clear the bills so it can be released to the world on October Through these channels, millions of people now are exposed to truth that is blacked out in the corporate media.

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The economic model that has emerged from this technology is that programs from a freedom perspective must be sponsored, just as traditional TV programs are. In Hollywood, those who provide funding for feature films often are referred to as Hot woman wants sex Jacksonville. That word has little to do with their spiritual quality.

It is a colloquialism for someone with lots of money; and, usually, it is a hard-nosed investor with a team Arab matchmaking sites attorneys to negotiate a deal with maximum profit as the sole object.

We are not looking for one or two tycoons to invest millions of dollars.

We are seeking a few hundred average-income donors to provide an amount approximately equal to what they routinely pay for sixty days of cable service. Each copy will be autographed by the producers, Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple.

Their goal is to create a documentary that corporate media does not want the public to see. Funding Angels must be motivated by a Mature female erotica for truth and have an abundance of spirit.

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In other words, they must be the real thing. Definition: An angel of the second order, usually depicted as a small child with wings.

Cherubs purchase one or more copies NOW for delivery when completed. Advance purchases help cover production costs and are greatly appreciated. This program deals with one of the most important issues imaginable.

That includes you and your family. If you want to do something meaningful in this battle but cannot spend time in organizational work, here is a way to make a huge difference.

The program can be previewed here. The Great Culling Store is finally up!

We are extremely excited to launch this site. As soon as the DVD is available we will be sending out products. The DVD will hopefully be ready by the end of Free sex meetup month!

Hello World! We finally have a new website and are extremely excited. We have just released two really cool t-shirts! Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.