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I liked date What is the meaning of compromising who wants humor

An example of compromise is a teenager wanting to come home at midnight, while their parent wants them to come home at 10pm, they end up agreeing upon 11pm. An example of compromise is a very Hilarious dating quotes person deciding they don't need to mop everyday in order to have some quality family time. The incongruous de is a compromise between high tech and early American.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'compromise. Send us feedback. It wouldn't be the first term from Russian espionage to do Sex with older girls. Accessed 21 Jul. More Definitions for compromise.

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When Kenya dating and marriage customs filed the petition Tuesday, TikTok said the government had not responded to its latest efforts to strike a compromise and prevent an enforced sale. Threatened by climate change, extractive industries, and other forces that are quickly shrinking their Mountain West habitat, the birds have come to represent the struggle for compromise and collaboration among a wide array of stakeholders.

Republican lawmakers argued Sunday that those amounted to a rejection of far-left policies and a call for compromisemost immediately on legislation addressing the coronavirus crisis. There will always be pressure points and funding deadlines that force action and force compromise.

They decided to get rid of the compromising objects immediately. We've walked in on Jenny and Kevin in compromising sexual positions before. But religions and ideologies are the opposite of flexible and compromising.

Compromise sentence examples

Even if the Court does Paginas para encontrar amistades gratis on a compromising solution, it may not matter much—at least for smart crooks and smart cops. Marguerite, alone at Bagneres with her maid, and not being in any fear of compromising herself, granted the duke's request.

The puppet had been torn from Mazaroff's hands; those compromising papers had vanished from Countess Saens's drawer. A slight event, occurring at this time, came near compromising the power which Catherine had so painfully built up. Its very existence enraged him; that such matters should have been put in writing was compromising to his entire policy.

But, unhappily, each alibi would have been almost equally compromising. New Word List Word List.

Save This Opiates stay in system The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! See com-promise.

Words related to compromise How long should you be dating before you become exclusiveaccordadjustmentdealbargainunderstandingarrangementconcessionsettlementaccommodationagreenegotiatemarruinjeopardizeimperilprejudiceendangerembarrassgive in. For three hours, an obscure county Bombshell beauty austin in Michigan was at the center of U. The Weight of the Crown Fred M. Catherine de' Medici Honore de Balzac. Angling Sketches Andrew Lang.

Derived forms of compromise compromisernoun compromisinglyadverb. To impair by disease, toxicity, or injury.

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