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What kind of man are you looking for am search lady that like humor

Finding the perfect guy can be a tall order.

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To be honest, I was really nervous to open up and discuss my non-existent dating life, but y'all really seemed to get it and understand.

It's been six months since that article and I still have people who talk to me about it. So, I thought, maybe it's time for another, yes? How about this A man.

Actually, a manly man, a gentleman and a simple man. Lonely wife seeking nsa Concord go ahead and break this one down. Someone who knows I'm not perfect. I am going to make mistakes, I'm going to have an "Angie fit" Angie is my grandmother, just trust me that this is going to be a trying time for us, ha!

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You will never meet anyone else like me. See, that's the cool thing, there are billions of people in this world, but we all bring something to the table that no one else can.

Accept my flaws and I'll accept yours. Someone who is kind and open-minded. Remember what I was saying about how we are all different?

Well, I kinda love that about us. To each his ownthat's how I try to live my life. If you are rude to the waiter, let doors slam in the faces of people behind you, post rants on Facebook Christianity on love do nothing but harm, spew hatred out of your mouth because you don't agree with another person's lifestyle, we aren't going to work out.

It's ok to be different and still be respectful. No one is any better than anyone else, so by all means, don't think you are. Don't look past me to see if there's someone better standing behind. For some reason, we are always looking for more.

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I guess I don't get that. I mean, how long have I been single?

Ok, it's too embarrassing to post, ha! But, I've noticed, that a lot of guys not all of you are always looking for the next best thing. There is always going to be someone who is hotter than me, has a better body than me, is funnier, smarter, makes more money.

Can we guess what kind of partner your soul is looking for?

This goes both ways Why don't we see if the something good we have, could lead to something great? I mean, how much time can it really take to tell yes or no?

I can promise you, us good ones, we don't hang around and wait for you to wise up. Someone with the same values as me. Adult lonelys Tabusintac back, this should have been 1.

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I want someone who wants the same life that I do. Someone who wants a family, lazy Saturdays, loves the Lord, loves his Momma, someone who cares about the well-being of others more than himself and values a quiet night cuddling on the couch in sweatpants over Dating forum free night out on the town.

Role play escorts who wants an old-school, you're all I need relationship. I have to admit, I've met guys in the last few years that have all of these qualities. But, the reality is, sometime I just don't like them as more than a friend and honestly, some of them just don't like me as more than a friend.


And, you know what, that's ok. I want all or nothing and I'm just fine waiting on that. Now, if you'll excuse me, "Come With Me" just started playing on my iPod and I'm gonna let Waylon and Jessi spin me around the kitchen dance floor.

In. Jaclyn Graves Published: January 5, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I'm actually listening to Waylon while I type, I love that man, may he rest in peace. I want strength.

Not necessarily muscles, although I ain't against it, ha! Someone who isn't afraid to be himself, gets done what needs gettin' done, can handle any situation If Woman seeking sex tonight Heber have a beard, listen to Stapleton and smell like you just chopped down a tree, that's a bonus.

A Gentleman : If you show up at my house to take me out and text me "Here", I will not only never speak to you again, but will probably call the cops if you aren't off of my property within four minutes.

What kind of man am i looking for? 27 of the top qualities

Opening doors, flowers once in a while, calling just because, not waiting hours or days to respond to texts isn't being "thirsty" or "whipped", it's being courteous. It's showing us that you're interested. It's being respectful Lt col grant rosensteel jr in my world, it's expected.

A Simple Man : The only thing worse than a high-maintenance woman is a high-maintenance man.

1. he’s got a head on his shoulders.

Don't get your panties in a wad over silly stuff. Laugh a lot, have fun, be open to new things and appreciate the everyday boring things.

There's nothing wrong with a man who takes the time to look good, trust me, it's appreciated, but when you won't go out for pizza and beer without fixing your hair, that's a problem. : HumorNewsletterRussian muslim brides New. Back To Top.