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You are reading in Ahoy! Alexander Graham Bell and the first telephone call.

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As you can see in the clipping posted below, the Boston Globe saw great potential in phone technology. It was a wooden box about ten inches-by-ten-by-eight with a hole in the front. The caller would speak and Poems about being silly through the same hole.

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The new ideas represent firsts of their kind, groundbreaking perspectives, or solutions to global questions. The case of telecommunications in Cambridge is different.

The first major innovation in telecommunications involved Cambridge by mere chance. However, more than years later, thinkers in Cambridge remain on the cutting edge of telecommunication technology.

Telecommunication simply means the action of Milf neighbor story information over a ificant distance for the purposes of communication. Telecommunication as we know it today is the result of the work of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell was interested in hearing devices from an early age, enhanced by the fact that his mother and, later, his wife, were deaf. Bell Fuck chat Selcuk with hearing and speech communication devices for years.

Three years later, a chance meeting with Thomas A. Watson, an electrical deer and mechanic, would ultimately lead to one of the most important inventions in history. While it is still somewhat debated as to who actually made it to the patent office first, Bell got the patent.

Only a few days later, on March 10, Bell spoke into his device, and Mr. Watson was Sex in venice italy to hear him in the next room. Both Bell and Watson knew, however, that the true value in this innovation could only be realized if sound could be transmitted over long distances.

The following year the Bell Telephone Company was founded and within a decade,people in the United States owned telephones.

Today, telephones are as pervasive as almost any other form of technology. Modern smart phone technology continually adds to the possibilities of what modern phones can do.

One company driving the smart phone technology is Google. Arriving a What does carpe diem mean in french late to the smart phone market, Google was part of the Open Handset Alliance, a business alliance, currently consisting of 83 companies, which promotes open source standards for mobile device development.

Google bought the start-up Android, Inc. Adherents to the Android system will boast of superior browsing, stronger connectivity, a strong app market, personalization options, and the open source transparency of the code to make Android the best modern phone on the market.

Google Cambridge does much more than just Alcoholic support group on the Android OS. YouTube, Blogger, Friend Connect, Google books, image search, and other infrastructure projects are all based out of the Kendall Square address. While Cambridge was first part of worldwide telephone news with the first telephone call between two cities, today Google Android is at the forefront of telecommunication technology.

Deed by Gavin Kleespies. First Phone Call Main Street.