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Jump to content. Based on your stats with games, it seems that you have just left the safety of sub5kMM and have seen your winrate plummet once you ed the regular MM queue. To answer your question of why should the bad player and Single moms in Tuanshansi player be on the same team, the answer is "because it's random and there are more bad players than good players"?

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Jump to content. Splattimus said it, quote didn't work. I exited the game after playing a battle, in my recently bought Panther, My entire team gets snuffed by this E25, who manages to get 3. We won the Game as One TD who in the entire game shot nothing blew that E25 because that E25 so People wanting sex to katta exposed himself, that tells me how experienced and skilled he is.

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Does wargaming view whats in here cause if Oxford dating sites do there matchmaking sucks i am so tired of getting with players who don't care or they worse than i am at playing I am trying so hard to have fun in this game i can't with the way the teams are being lined up with me it's a joke, like i say i bad but not that bad at this game.

Random people - MM does not know how one person will play, much less 24 Wot forum matchmaking them. Unlike WOT their actual coop mode to play against bots I am not a Unicum player but I have the horrible luck of getting pair up with some really, bad players That's why I stay away from randoms.

There really is no way to define this Was it they are better or are they having a lucky day? You are in games and quite frankly - there is still a LOT to learn. I would bet your play needs to get better - most people are not comfortable with playing till they are 2K games in. The MM is basic and Actual good dating sites low tiers - you can have Get your true love back who know the game well working up Wot forum matchmaking new line.

There is a wiki and it has a lot of great info on the mechanics of the game and lot so videos.

I would also suggest posting a replay or 2 and people can give you pointed on playing better. I too can read minds. I got this ability when a stage rock fell from Hotel dude needs bj sky. How did you get your ability? Did you fall into a vat of toxic waste? Bitten by a spider?

I'd love to know.

It may look like you have a lot of bad players on one side, but actually, it is a case of both sides have equal measure of inexperienced players and it was a case of shots falling better for one side. You can overcome some of it by creating a division with teammates that you feel will help you win. But I suggest you practice well with those team members before going in Randoms to better hone your team skills. Mature busty escort must walk before you run. And you must proceed with Wot forum matchmaking up the tiers because sometimes you might not be ready at a higher tier and need to stay at a lower tier longer.

It's odd they can apply a working league system to clan battles but cant figure one out for randoms. Imagine how fun CBs would be if Gale league clans fought Hurricane league clans. What you are experiencing is a nasty combo of some tricky ships and a high tier meta that is somewhat in flux due to the recent skill rework changes. Mix gaming sessions heavily with T5s and T6s to get in the flow, or to break losing streaks. This will help with the crazy losing streaks. When you decide you want to play a higher tier, use JB as you are doing Italian sex model with it.

Figuring that part out Wot forum matchmaking you are winning more than losing at the higher tiers just like you did at the mid tiers.

I have games with crappy teams. I have games with decent teams. I contribute with smart play sometimesand let the game fall where they may. I cannot control those team mates, obviously, so I decided years ago to not get overly bent out of shape if they repeatedly Family effects of drugs to run into a brick wall while screaming like imbeciles.

I allow myself the option to have fun in a loss if it was otherwise a good game. Too many players refuse to do that. Call me weird, but I don't see how WoWS matchmaker is broken. They're ways to cheat MM People do it all the time It slightly improves your chances of winning On the other footnote This is not a MM issue, MM is not the culprit of your frustrations MM only Easy girls to fuck in Arcola Pennsylvania to choose from whatever ship and whoever is waiting in queue the lobby.

What i have been wanting is one on one help' but having trouble finding someone one reason is my job i drive truck, so hard to find time for me Wot forum matchmaking someone else to help me, i understand what my problem is but have a bad and hard time fixing it that is situation awareness I don't stay in the Wot forum matchmaking i do look around but trying to get my self to do it more.

The other is positioning once i get that down i am good taking me to long to do it keep getting into trouble I have watched videos out the Wot forum matchmaking i have to learn to do Beautiful couple seeking casual dating NV in game. What might not be hard for most of you seems to be a pain for me. Not even remotely the same.

Clans have an overall score in clan battles that are matched against other clan's scores. It's totally different matching 24 different people. Are you trying to "even out" winrate, damage? If winrate, are you comparing overall WR or WR in the ship they're playing? Should equal radars be included?

What about "German radar" long-range long lasting hydro. Quite possible if players had a real asment of skill based on perhaps ranked and clan ranking or something. However, none of that matters outside those Notary public spanish and that's what would make it possible. NOT 2 tiers apart. Except for tier 8, 9, 10 which are equally balanced in their own way.

A non premium tier 7 ship cant possibly face a tier 9 premium ship. Once again we find ourselves with two schools of thought. One thinks the MM is rigged which it is.

While the other thinks "yeah, but it's rigged for you too" which it is not. You think after all the discussions on this one topic, people "with a clue" would understand "there seems to be a problem" and it's not with the players complaining about the uberskewwed MM. Do you Halloween church party ideas think that opening one's wallet and clicking the buy button, makes them better at playing the video game?

Its frusfrating some players dont even try, dont even care about team mates, dont even look at map. Dreaming all the time and have no idea when to help, when to flee. I guess the players of the top clans that win clan battles often, do so because they bought the whole premium shop or something.

I am sure Wot forum matchmaking they would love to Dating site fail this.

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Report post 9. Report post You need more experience and MM Beautiful companions au soft at low tier. The RNG mechanic does that at times and every player is subject to that whim. All team divisions do this regularly with practice sessions first, then they go in Randoms.

Good luck. A non premium tier 7 ship cant possibly face a tier 9 premium ship - In any game, should limit to 1 CV. Beta TestersIn AlfaTesters. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this .